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Friends and good times =]

I <3 you guys xxx

gabby coe

on 4 March 2011

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Transcript of Friends and good times =]

(: Friends and good times :) Louisa Lai Jasmine Curtis Danni Evans Katie Wiesdendanger Katie Watts Hannah Lewington Louisa Good Memories BERLIN ;) BEST PHOTO EVER ROMMAA!! :D hahaha Way too clever!!! no fair :'( and your writing is this big!
Don't try and deny it - it's true. Katie Good Memories Hallowe'en ;) I'm guessing you haven't seen this yet! :O What did we say LOL Cello buddies :D Jasmine Good Memories Gotta love pringles!! YOUR FLYING!!! Soooooo unbelieviably good at art Getting LOUDER Katie Good Memories THIS IS THE ONLY PHOTOGRAPH I HAVE OF YOU!! :O Why are you never in any photos :( x Hannah Good Memories Well...... where to start: We look sooo fiiiit x soooo close to going back and buying these!! Because I know you love them just to rub it in again Danni Good Memories We actually HAVE to do this again sometime :D GABBY SANDWICH Can you believe that this is the only picture I have of you!?!?! CHAVEZZZZZZZZZ LOL at the gold in Ireland... ;D 'Mr Mannion, were you hit on the head this morning?' I'm crying just remembering it (suitable place to have wirtten this me thinks ;) Oh, and then there's meeeeee ;D Weasy =] ahhhhahhhhahhh FRINGE =D
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