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My first Prezi

Lets make it about me. Just wanna learn how to make Prezi

Thu Nguyen

on 7 April 2011

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Transcript of My first Prezi

Some facts about me I'm from Vietnam So I speak Vietnamese, not Chinese, Korean, or Japanese 3 I have been in the US since I was 16, now I'm 22- Pretty old :( 4: My name is Minh Thu, which means Bright Autumn in Vietnamese. Despite the meaning of my name, I was born in the Spring. My Zodiac is Dragon 6 Blue is my Fav color I bought blue stuffs
for all the baby girls SEVEN I love documentaries o 0 I'm terrifying of Snakes 9 I love flowers!!!! <3 T_E_N All time favorite are Sunflower and Lilies I have a bucket list 11 I eat a lot but dont
gain weights :) I can eat a big bowl of noodle or
a foot long sandwich for breakfast I I can walk 30 mins everyday for
5 days and lose 5 lbs I seldomly exercise 12: I can not swim :( 13 I am a nerd. I love studying new things
and love people who are willing to teach me
Also a big geek, love to learn anything about
the computer and new tech
I have horrible seasonal allergy 15 my fav types of music
are: Rock and R&B Back home, I have dogs, cats,
birds, fishes and chickens. My
secretly-wanna-have pets are
tiger and panda I do not like bananas
and tomatoes 17 I have no clues about the
American measurement system 19: i love reading I tried gymnastics when I was young 20 ?
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