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Personal Statement

No description

Victor Naymanov

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of Personal Statement

by Victor Naymanov Personal Statement Hello Hult! My Mission Here i would like to tell you about myself and convince you to make a right decision to take me into your school. So let's begin! Career path One year later in 2008 the best game developing company in Russia Astrum Nival hired me on a Advertising and Marketing manager position (year later Senior Adv and Mrk manager)
Our key project Allods Online was almost ready to launch when i started to work so i had to use all my knowledge for the success. We worked 12 to 16 hours a day for 2 months but it was worth it - as a result Allods online became top project in Russia and CIS for two years, localized worldwide, most successful in China. The thing is i don't want to spend time on useless things anymore. I've understood that money by itself is not making me happy. I want to earn money from making something useful to the world.
That's why now i'm focusing on consulting only start-ups that have some social ideas i.e. Russian analogue of kickstarter.com and service that will gather people to solve local problems in groups.
I understood that i need to share my knowledge with young talented people who have an ideas about how to make this world better. My name is Victor Naymanov (February 11, 1986).
Born in Moscow, Russia.
Current occupation: Online marketing and advertising consultant of IT projects.
Current location: Koh Samui, Thailand.
Right now involved in working with different projects, mostly social start ups in Russian language market segment. December 2012 Why HULT? Why HULT International Business School? Education 2002-2007 - Graduated at top3 economics university "Russian Economics Academy named after G.V. Plekhanov". Title of qualification awarded - Manager - Economist 2010 Intensive English courses LSI School of Cambridge (United Kingdom)
Title of qualification awarded - Advanced English After university i decided not to go work on my specialty and try my passion those days - computer games industry.
But nobody wanted me without proper experience and graduation (mine was mostly for trading company) I've tried everywhere for a months, at last one of the smallest companies in Russia GFI hired me as associate marketing manager with a 2 or 3 times less salary that i could get if i was working on my specialty. I worked and learned hard and in 3 month already became a marketing manager. 2010 Nival was bought by the biggest internet company in Russia and CIS Mail.ru and i with some of my colleagues resign for our own start-up. Unfortunately we had lack of resources and money to even make some alpha version, we couldn't find any investor. In early 2011 i've got an offer to get back to Mail.ru as a Brand manager at entertainment department of Russia and CIS. My responsibility was managing whole marketing activities including but not limited to: Marketing & PR, Analysis, Community management, monetization, budgeting etc. Sept. 2012 i decided to resign because i felt that i could not grow up any further without additional knowledge and started to focus on small local projects while deciding how to grow up and what to do next on my career. Here are some awesome pics! Facts: Sept. 2012 moved to paradise island Ko Samui, Thailand. #1 International Experience, SF campus, which means opportunity to meet outstanding world professionals in IT industry.
Number one criteria for me was international experience, you'll find out why after reviewing my goals My short-term and long-term professional goals: Short-term goals:
Get proper education for International Marketing and/or Social Entrepreneurship;
Find job in US in social IT start-up targeted worldwide and lead it to success
Become an outstanding specialist in a field of international marketing IT projects Long-term goals:
Green card
Getting proper finance education
Become a founder/co-founder of invest fund that will specialize on investments in social IT projects. • What skill sets do i need to achieve my goals and how Hult will help develop these skills? Past experiences that prepared me for studies:
I've mastered following on my practical experience:
Materials Design/Production management
Short-mid-term planning
Online Advertising tools/Digital marketing
Project/Brand management
I believe above will help me to concentrate on mastering theory and share my practical skills with group I will say about skills that i feel necessary to improve in order to achieve my goals:
Strategy/long term planning
Depth marketing theory
I think that theoretical course will give me loads of information about Strategy and Marketing theory. That's what i really lack.
And about leadership i believe that business school is one of the best places where one can develop that skill properly working with group in different projects. 1998-2000 - 3 years in a row 1st place at acrobatic rock-n-roll republic championship 2011 - started to perform in clubs as a DJ
Why DJing? Because it feels incredibly exciting to see happy dancing people Traveling is my passion. Meeting new people, discover new places, cultures - that's where i find my inspiration. Been in over 20 countries so far. Singapore Somewhere in Asia Madame Tussaud @London Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Thailand Windsurfing@Vietnam Living and working here at the moment Steven Covey visited Moscow with his program "7 habits of highly effective people" Dear Admission Committee now it's time for you to decide if i am capable of entering HULT International Business School program and successfully graduate.
Hope the way i express myself here is acceptable and you enjoyed it.
Looking forward for your decision. Cambridge, England Unfortunately i don't have any videos of my competitions, but if you're curious about how it looks in motion then watch video below or proceed further. Key projects here: Key projects here:
Allods Online - Best online game in Russia for 2 years in a row. Key projects as Brand Manager at Mail.ru are Allods Online and Perfect World again, and else: Perfect World Online* - most revenue online game in Russia and CIS from release in 2008 till 2010.
*Product is a localization for Russian market Warface - 1st person Shooter launched mid 2012, most successful online shooter in Russia CrossFire - 1st person Shooter like Counter-Strike, 2nd online shooter in Russia Dofus - one of the most popular turn-based tactic online game in Russia ParaPa - number 1 dancing online game in Russia Quit Almost never
Few times/Year Never FULL SCREEN NEXT BACK Just in case here is simple user interface guide: Or you can use your keyboard Space and buttons = next
button = back P.S.: After quitting check up description field below the presentation for some surprise Career achievements: 2007 Games Territory Expo B2C Kiev, Ukraine @GFI - 25 000 visitors
2007 IgroMir (WorldGames) Expo B2C Moscow, Russia @GFI - 90 000 visitors
2007-2008 2 SportLand Expo B2C Moscow, Russia @GFI - 20 000 visitors.
2008-2009 2 Games Territory Expo B2C Kiev, Ukraine @Astrum Nival - 30 000 visitors
2008-2009 2 IgroMir (WorldGames) Expo B2C Moscow, Russia @Astrum Nival - 90 000 visitors
2008-2009 2 Game developer's B2B Conference Moscow, Russia @Astrum Nival - 2000 specialists
2008-2009 2 China Joy Expo B2B and B2C Shanghai, China @Astrum Nival - over 180 000 visitors and specialists
2011-2012 2 IgroMir (WorldGames) Expo B2C Moscow, Russia @Mail.ru - 90 000 visitors
2011-2012 2 Game developer's B2B Conference Moscow, Russia @Mail.ru- 2000 specialists
2011-2012 2 China Joy Expo B2B and B2C Shanghai, China @Mail.ru- over 180 000 visitors and specialists Organized company's participation in Exhibitions (All organized self, sometimes had associate): 2011 Game developer's Conference San Francisco, US @Mail.ru - 22 000 specialists. 2 800 000 registrations Russia and CIS
7 000 000 registrations Worldwide
2500 paid registrations/day cost less 1$
Average revenue per user (ARPU) 4$
Average revenue per paying user (ARPPU) 70$ Some stats and awards on projects i worked on as marketer and Brand manager (Project manager, same functions in my case): 8 000 000 registrations Russia and CIS
4500 paid registrations/day cost less 1$
ARPPU 150$ 2 700 000 registrations Russia and CIS
6000 paid registrations/day cost less 1$
ARPPU 60$ 1 500 000 registrations Russia and CIS
1500 paid registrations/day cost less 1$
ARPPU 70$ 900 000 registrations Russia and CIS
500 paid registrations/day cost less 1$
ARPPU 50$ 3 000 000 registrations Russia and CIS
1500 paid registrations/day cost less 1$
ARPPU 60$ ParaPa GDC Russia Awards: Best game 2008
Best game 2009
Best company developer 2010
Best online game 2011
Best sound design 2012 Best game 2012
Best graphics 2012 Best Localization 2008
Best game 2009 GDC Russia Awards: GDC Russia Awards: Allow full screen Contacts:
FB: http://www.facebook.com/victor.naymanov
Skype: naimanoff
E-mail: naimanoff@gmail.com
Mob. (Thai): +(66) 0909461756 Half year before resigning and while started consult start-ups i thought a lot about what am i missing and what my real goal is.
Computer games are not really interesting for me anymore. I feel like i work on chocolate factory for years: first you like it, after you becoming fed and in the end you coming to conclusion that chocolate is evil because in big amounts is bad for yourself and people. Same with online games - a lot of people loosing too much time (and money) playing. Favorite business books
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