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Southeast Asian Former Inmate Re-entry Plan

No description

Hong Yen Tran

on 28 November 2013

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Transcript of Southeast Asian Former Inmate Re-entry Plan

I finally understand life
I see the world clearly
drafted blueprints of my destiny
like a butterfly's metamorphosis
I sit here in a cocoon.... P.J.R.

post-release challenges
mindset still frozen in time of pre-imprisonment
family shame stigma
community does not forgive
lack of employment skills
no savings/home/job
SE Asian Re-entry and advocacy programs:
rehabilitation classes
meditation programs
job networking
volunteer efforts
community education
agents of change
affordable housing
Southeast Asian Former Inmate Re-entry Plan
background factors:
trauma of war
trauma from immigration
stress on family structure
cultural clash
peer pressure
disadvantages in prison
language barrier
unknowlegeable about legal system
lack of understanding about personal rights
poor representation
unique needs not met
limited attention from advocacy groups
model minority bias
community donations
advocacy group support
government or state directed programs
an opportunity for a second chance
affordable housing
reduce recidivism
safer communities
lower ratio of return to prison
spiritual and mental care
job readiness
increase public safety
agents of change
Buddhist community and asian interfaith network
"beginning anew" T Nhat Hanh
2000: 9,670 APA in correctional facilities
APA juvenile detained by CA Youth Authority increased from 4% to 12.7% in 10 years
62% of AA are foreign born, 26% are linguistically isolated (44% VNmese)
Model minority who excel in academics? 49% AA have a high school diploma, 66% of Hmong have less than high school education
1999: 13% AA lived below Fed Poverty Level of $16,700... SE Asians have the highest rate of poverty
Indochina Migration and Refugee Act of 1975: 700,000 SE Asians b/n 1974-88
4 waves of refugees
US refugee resettlement policies: only nuclear family to stay together, low-income neighborhoods
shift in structure and cultural norms
SE Asian Incarcerates
BJS 2010: 7.1 mil-total, 2,890 API (1,148 exiting Fed prison)
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