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A Break with Charity

No description

Tina Burn

on 29 May 2012

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Transcript of A Break with Charity

A Break with Charity
By: Ann Rinaldi Characters: Susanna English- She is the main character of the book, she is the youngest in the English family. She is the daughter of Mary Sr. and Phillip English. In the majority of this book she keeps secrets and hides valuable information, so this causes her to go through most of the book living with much guilt. She causes most of the tragedy of the novel because she goes against her conscience and visits Tituba to have her palm read. She does this to see if her brother, William, who is lost at sea, will return.
Mary English Jr.- She is the older sister of Susanna, she is the oldest daughter in the English family. She is the wife of Thomas Hitchbourne. She helps her mother keep the house running by using her cooking and sewing skills.
William English- Wiliam is the older brother of Mary and Susanna English. He is a sailor, and he is lost at sea in the begining. This is what leads Susanna to visit Tituba to see if her brother is ever going to return. This event is what causes all of the witch madness.
Mary English Sr.- She is the mother of the English family and the wife of Phillip. She is very wise, an excellent care taker, and excellent mother. In the novel she accepts all of the punishments, this is why I think she is brave and shows a lot of courage.
Phillip English- The father of the household, he is very smart, and always knows whats best. He shows a lot of love for his family, beacause he always puts his safety first.
Thomas Hitchbourne- He is the husband of Mary English Jr.
Johnathan Hathorne- Helps get Susanna through all of the witch madness. He is her boyfriend, and is a very loyal friend to her. His father is a magistrate, who is jailing people accused of witchcraft by the afflicted girls. He goes completely against his father, just so he can defend those accused of witchcraft, and stand up for his beliefs.
Betty Parris- is one of the afflicted girls accusing innocent people of witchcraft. She is the daughter of Reverand Parris.
Ann Putnam Jr.- is the daughter Ann Putnam Sr. who is looked down upon by the rest of Salem. To get revenge on the townspeople she sends her daughter to pretend to be one of the afflicted. Ann Putnam Jr. is an evil child who threatens Susanna into not speaking out.
Tituba- She is a slave from the West Indies. She entertains the girls in the circle by reading palms, making potions, and other witchcraft. So, of course, she is one of the first accused of witch craft. Setting The majority of this book takes place in a town called Salem, in the late 1600s, and the early 1700s. Introduction
Rising Action Climax Falling Action
Resolution My Reactions: Susana visits Tituba for the first time. This is when Susanna goes to visit to have her palm read, to see if her beloved brothe will ever return from his sea voyage. Resolution: After finishing reading this book I felt that the book was a little slow, but it is still a good book to read. I would probably recommend it to others, because it is full of suspense, drama, and most of all magic. This book has made me look at the world for what it is and to no matter what, stand up for what you believe in. He; Character Trace: One character that I think has changed a lot throughout the story is Susanna English. The reason I have seen a significant change in her is that in the beginnig of the novel, she is spying on the circle of girls that visit Tituba, wishing she could be accepted by the girls. This is quickly changed through the novel when Susanna realizes what the circle is really about. She finds that they witness witchcraft by Tituba, event though they know it goes against everything they know about being good followers of their Puritan faith. As the book's story line progresses she begins to hate the group of girls that started it all. She realizes that she was very wrong for ever wanting to be in the circle. Towards the end she actually becomes one of the people that are fighting against the girls. This is why I think she has made a positive change throughout the book. Falling Action I think the most pivotal point of the story is when Susanna first visits Ann Putnam. I think this is a crucial moment because this is when the entire story turns around. This is the turning point because this is when Susanna is threatened to not tell anyone about how the circle began. She tells her that if she tells anyone about how the circle was puposely visiting Tituba daily to witness witchcraft, even though they knew it was against their beliefs, she would accuse one member of Susanna's family of witchcraft. Susanna is so frightened by this that she doesn't "break charity" with the group until well into the book. Ann Putnam Jr. catches Susanna spying on the circle. Susanna finds Abigail Hobbs, and tries to convince her to come home. Abigail Hobbs was a girl who enjoys disobeying others and living in the wilderness. Abigail then tells Susanna what she had seen, and found out about some of the people in Salem. Rising Action Introduction Susanna finally tells Joseph what she knows about the girls in the circle. This is the answer to all of Susanna's problems because she finally finds the strength to "break charity" with the Ann Putnam. If she wouldn't have done this, the witch madness would probably have just keep going on. Susanna's mother is accused of witchcraft. This is when the afflicted girls accuse her of being friends with a witch. This event causes the English family great sadness, so this is where Susanna first considers "breaking charity" with the group. Susanna's father is accused of witchcraft. This is when Susanna's father is arrested, and when Phillip decides to make arrangements to flee from Salem. When she mentions the to Susanna she decides she can't leave she most stay for the trials and she wants to stay with Jonathan. So the English family decides to let her stay with kind and understanding, Joseph and Elizabeth Putnam. Bridget Bishop is hung. Susanna goes to her hanging and becomes terrified. She realizes that this would be the first of many hangings in Salem if the trials continued. So she finall decides it is time to "break charity." This book begins with a girl named Susanna English. She wishes she would be accepted into a group of girls that meet in the parsonage, but they don't allow her because she is from a higher class than the rest of them. At first she assumes they are just being told stories by Tituba the slave from they West Indies that works there. Later, she finds that they are actually watching Tituba perform witchcraft, because Tituba, supposedly, has special powers. She can read palms, conjure, create potions, and do other witchcraft. This is when Susanna decides she would like to have her palm read by Tituba. Theme I think the theme of this book is to have the bravery to stand up for, and follow what you think is right. I think this theme is very important because if you live your life in silence, and let others walk all over you, things may become terrible just like they did in the story for Susanna. I think that people should read this book so that they can realize the consequences of not speaking out for what you know is right. This is when Ann realizes that Susanna has been spying on the group. y. r Project Created By:
Tina Burn
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