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Barrie Super Sub

OB Presentation

Mingyong Lee

on 27 October 2012

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Transcript of Barrie Super Sub

Barrie Super Subs Organization Behavior Prepared for : Professor Ken Bowlby 1. Case Description
2. Levels of Motivation
3. Management Methods
4. Possible Solutions Overview Possible Solutions Abuse Of Privileges Case Descriptions Employees Employee Motivations Power and Influence Management Methods Communication Breakdown Difficulty in Hiring Poor Management - Employee Relationships -Employees tend to help themselves to food without management permission
-Gives away food to friends -Team Leader do not report to Management food wastage
-Caused by peer pressure - Strong competition in Labor Market
- Poor perception of company by employees
- Caused by low pay, poor working condition and bad employees welfare - High discipline enforced by management
- Tense environment leading to poor morale Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs to receive food and money to buy food Team Leader to maintain friendship with employees to keep job Manager / A. Manager Team Leaders Coercive Power Reward Power Legitimate Power Power Over 1. Hiring of new team leaders 2. Team Based Organization- Structure 3. Tackle the problems 4. Change Role Perception Requirement!!
1. Older in Age - Reinforce Power - Distance
2. Same bonus system as Managers
3. Possible Career development for all employees to rise to team leader
1. A team leader in each team
2. Shared responsibilities
3. Team building activities

Result - Unity in the team! 1. Hourly food allowance quota
- fairest way of solving problem - We are all part of a big organization! Thank you for your attention!
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