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Story for computer class

Caleb Purvis

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Story

Double click anywhere & add an idea Story of the Guy who was being Stalked One day the Kid got out of school and walked home because he was too ugly and the bus driver wouldn't let him on the bus. As he was walking home, he noticed that some one was following him. The ugly kid didnt like this very much so he turned around and said quit stalking me. The stalker just stood there. Then he said,"Malghaoeasdnl".
The boy didnt understand him so he grabbed the guy and threw his hood off. And when he saw the guy with his hood off he found out.......that it was an alien!!!! The kid didnt like aliens much so he told him too leave and he pulled out his shotgun. After a long and epic fight or the century, the alien left without another word because he didnt like shotguns or being shot by one and the alien never returned. When the kid returned home his mother said what took you so long to get home.
so he told her the story............
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