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Kathleen LaFlamme

on 27 October 2012

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Transcript of Bullying

Luke is beast Luke is beast
Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York laws require schools to include anti-bullying policies with additional requirements to train and educate school personnel. Four
Types of Bullying It is estimated that 160,000 children miss school every day due to fear of attack or intimidation by other students. State Bullying Laws Bullying Will And Luke an unwanted, aggressive behavior among school children involving a real or perceived power imbalance which includes making threats, spreading rumors, attacking
someone physically or verbally
and excluding someone from a group on purpose. There are 6 types of bullies. What is Bullying? School Anti-Bullying Laws THE END Our society has made slow, but steady progress in bullying prevention through awareness. <obje Social Bullying Cyberbullying Verbal Bullying Physical Bullying Bullying Facts Bullying has a negative impact on the bully, the victim and the students observing it Verbal Bullying
Social Bullying
Physical Bullying
Cyberbullying HI! Hi! WILL IS BEAST And Luke The End the end name calling
taunting Spreading rumors about someone
embarrassing someone in public Hitting
Tripping using the internet and or technology to send
humiliating text messages
or emails to spread rumors between 15 - 25 children commit suicide each year
3rd leading cause of adolescent deaths for a total of 4,400 per year
for every successful suicide there are 100 attempts. Victims of Bullying
Develop depression
sleep disorders
stress Historically bullying wasn't considered to be a social problem.
In fact, it was considered to be a rite of passage or a normal part of growing up.
It was brushed off with the excuse that it's just kids being kids.
Children were told to toughen up or that they were being too sensitive. Today in society, bullying is considered a form of abuse and no child should ever be expected to handle it alone.
Would you tell a child who's a victim of domestic abuse to toughen up? Bully Suicide Project
created a video of bullying victims who have taken their own lives...... According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention: 49 states have passed anti-bullying laws, including Maine
2 of the 49 states, Alaska and Wisconsin
do not include prohibitions against cyberbullying/electronic harrassment All of our society's children should feel safe at school and not be afraid of being harmed by another student
No parent should ever have to bury their child, as a result of bullying. Bully Facts 1 in 5 students have admitted to being a bully in school.
Most bullies have either been bullied themselves or are victims of domestic abuse
They may carry this behavior into adulthood, abusing their spouse and or children. Bystander Facts 85% of students have observed another student being bullied and admit they didn't do anything about it
They may suffer from Cognitive Dissonance - a feeling of discomfort that occurs when your beliefs don't match your behaviors. We need to remain vigilant
and continue with our efforts to spread awareness, as awareness is

PREVENTION! unwanted , aggressive behavior among school children involving a real or perceived power imbalance.
It includes, making threats, spreading rumors, attacking someone physically or verbally.
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