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Changes to the Earth's Surface by Water

No description

Chloe B

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of Changes to the Earth's Surface by Water

W a e t h e r i n g E r o s i o n D e p o s i t i o n By Water
Sedi Sediment has been reported missing!
He was last seen here: X On the work side of your
journal, hypothesize what
happened to Sedi. The Suspects: Changes to the Earth's
Surface by Water Objective:
We will recognize how landforms such
as deltas and canyons are the result of changes
to the Earth's surface by water. Today's Objective:5.7B Recognize how landforms such as deltas, canyons, and sand dunes are the result of changes to Earth's surface by wind, water, and ice. Let's Explore! Based on our exploration,
who do you believe was
responsible? The FACTS It all started after 5 days
of straight rain on
Mount Sediment.
Sedi Sediment had been
feeling unstable. All of a SUDDEN,
Sedi broke off of
Mount Sediment! Stuck in runoff, Sedi
slid all the way down
the the mountain to
Eroded River. As Sedi traveled in the current
of the Eroded River, he moved
faster and faster. Suddenly, as Eroded River
met the ocean, Sedi slowed
down and became too heavy to
be carried by the current. Finally, Sedi could no longer
stay in motion and settled on a small
V-Shaped island with many others
just like him! Together, they
created a DELTA. Water can change
the Earth's surface
in different ways: Canyon Delta Arch Case Closed!

Turn and talk! Describe in your
own words what happened to
Sedi. 40 20 Wilber and Brandon are hanging out in outer space. They would like to listen to music as they orbit the Earth. When they press play what do they hear? Think about it. Electricity How much does this object weigh? Measure it! Science Warm-up
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