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Planter's Nuts Integrated Campaign

Welcome the Return of the Real Man

Diana Jones

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of Planter's Nuts Integrated Campaign

Phase 1 Smart Phone Apps Phase 2 Forum
Book Phase 3 Video Contest KICKOFF EVENT PRE-KICKOFF Invitations
Microsite Live video celebration Invitations Invitations are mailed to people ranging from the ages of 14 to 40 inviting them to participate in celebrating the return of the real man Mailed Digital (Emailed) Microsite During Pre-Kickoff, microsite will tease viewers and offer an option to register for the event (treated as an R.S.V.P. of sorts) "Commercial" on Comedy Central & YouTube Invites people to join in celebrating the "Return of the Real Man"
Viewers are led to micro site Microsite Event On November 19th (International Men's Day), a simulcast event will teach viewers the essence of what's to come in the campaign without revealing details Those that are logged in on the microsite during launch will receive a card and certificate to prove their manly worth in snail mail or sent digitally Three classy ladies (1 40-50 years old, one 30-40 and 1 20-26) will initiate male viewers to "The Prestigious League of Manly Gentlemen" while still being entertaining for female viewers Video Event "Secret" handshake will be taught App 1 "Instant Charm" Downloadable app that transforms a viewer into a "manlier" version of him/herself Metal rockstar Luche libre wrestler GQ/Suited up "Voice Changer" App 2 Downloadable app that changes one's voice to a sultry smooth jazz male voice "Manly Solutions Generator" App 3 Downloadable app where one can ask questions to a "Certified Manly Gentleman" Works similarly to a Magic 8 Ball "Charm" "Drive" "Integrity" Viewers asked to create videos
based on the topic of drive and motivation
Link to Facebook The 3 Phases of the campaign will be introduced by the classy ladies. They teach viewers that the three most important qualities that define a "Manly Gentleman" are... Charm Integrity Drive Forum Scheduled events will take place on a forum page that is part of the microsite

After logging in, users answer questions on their opinion on manhood for points that can be exchanged for prizes

Depending on how many questons users answer, their account receives an upgrade, allowing them to download an extended version of the "instant Charm" app
Participation Rank 1: Fabio upgrade
Rank 2: Lumberjack
Rank 3: Body Builder Book MANual / Code of Ethics created from user generated content from forum and available for pdf download and sent to all users Video Contest Videos are posted to forum, where all users are able to vote and rank the best (and worst) videos

After 2 months, the winners will be announced on forum and the winning videos will be posted to both the Planter's YouTube page and the microsite's front page Contest Closure Planter's Nuts Planters is a company that sells various types of nuts, which are not only sold in exclusively one-type of nut packages but are also combined in nut mixes. Planters recently introduced a new nut mix, which contains peanuts, pistachios and almonds and has dubbed it the "manliest nut mix." However, the company has created cartoon characters to represent each different type of nut in this particular nut mix, depicting the mix as a sort of badass cartoon nut crime-fighting group. The design of these characters brings to mind the cliche image of the typical antagonist from mafia and action-heist movies. Background Women and men ranging from the ages of fourteen to thirty-five who already have an interest in viral videos, memes, and the generally comedic, satirical side of online content. We hope tp especially draw attention from those that are also interested in eating healthily, for either fitness or general healthfulness. Target The Planter's "Manliest Nut Mix" characters' cheesy look is too corny to attract any target group of consumers but instead only interests very young children. The market is too closed with a campaign advertising only one type of nut mix when consumers would prefer more of a selection to assicate with the Planters brand. The target group would rather purchase chips or candy than to buy a healthier protein-rich snack due to decreased brand visibility. What Do They Think Now? Planter's is a snack brand whose visibility online and in popular culture is so entertaining that it easily rivals the visibility of Dorito's chips or Mountain Dew, but instead offers a much healthier option. What Do We Want Them To Think? Expanding the manliest nut mix to a brand-wide campaign in a digital format, which will include viral videos, digital invitations, entertaining smartphone apps and a humorous microsite will increase brand visibility among the target group of consumers in a memorable way. A seemingly exclusive club will be introduced as a primary element of the campaign that will exist under the ruse of introducing young men to a classier lifestyle, inviting them to welcome the return of the 'real' gentleman. With the introduction of The Prestigious League of Manly Gentlemen, the club will recruit members to the group, in which being a member will give access to exclusive viral videos and entertaining apps, including "unrestricted" access to the microsite. Proposition Tongue in cheek- satirical and humorous without being overwhelmingly silly or 'random.' Elite without being pretentious. Tone Under the ruse of being sponsored by Planters, "The Prestigious League of Manly Gentlemen is a society that promotes the image and character of the "Manly Gentleman" and is eager to accept new members in their quest to promote the modern gentleman's lifestyle. In order to avoid gender exclusivity, the society operates generally to invite the public to welcome the return of the modern gentleman. Manifesto College-aged physics student invents time machine
Uses it to travel back in time to the Victorian Era (1870-1890) After being inundated by Victorian culture, vows to return to the present in order to found and promote The Prestigious League of Manly Gentlemen.
A symbol and key element of this new-found knowledge is the communal sharing of peanuts among dignified gentlemen. This young time-traveler
becomes the newly
reenvisioned Mr. Peanut This story will be explained in a graphic novel format that will be sent to all who sign up on the micro site
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