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Monica Aceves Hdez

on 6 September 2017

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Transcript of Italy



Monica Mariela Aceves Hernández
Juan Manuel Fierro
Ricardo Gutierrez
Marlene Bonilla

Population and goverment
The population is 59.4 million people in Italy
Italy has a great sport tradition the most popular sport in italy is the football but also they have other popular sports like the basketball and the voleibol.


Italy is in the European continent extending into the central Mediterranean sea
Its shape is like a boot and it has 2 important islands Sicily and Sardinia

The Italian government in 1946 was changed their nation from a Monarchy ruled by a king to a Republic by a president headed.
The flag's colors are green, white, and red
The actual italian's president is Sergio Mattarella
He has to be in the government for 7 years .

Festa della republica
people celebrated the changed of government the second of June each year
A holiday celebrated on august 15
the representation of the birth of Jesus
Folk dance
Its a bread prepared for Christmas and New Year

Man greeting Man – Men usually shake hands when greeting one another while maintaining direct eye contact. Good friends and family will engage in a light hug. In certain regions, good friends and family may even exchange a kiss on each cheek.

Woman greeting Woman- Light kisses on the cheeks (usually 2 or 3) are the most common form of greeting for friends and family. Often times it is just a light touching of cheeks rather than actual kisses. At a first meeting a regular handshake or simple nod of acknowledgment will usually do. 

Greetings between Men & Women- Light kisses (usually 2 or 3) on the cheeks are the most common form of greeting for friends and family. Often times it is just a light touching of cheeks rather than actual kisses. At a first meeting a regular handshake will do. It is customary to let the woman offer her hand first.

Note: The number of kisses may vary depending on the region you are in. Foreigners often have a hard time determining which side to kiss first. In this case, follow the Italian person’s lead

the history of Italy is important because the romans colonized Italy and the romans take a lot of the culture of the greeks and also Italy participated in the two world wars.
the italian food is divided into 3 courses

antipasto - vegetarian soup or pastas
second course- fish or meat
dessert- tiramisu

the climate
The summer is dry,cool and hot
Winters are wet and cold with snow in some places like mountains .
the most important animals in italy are :
rabbits, brown bears, bats, porcupines, goats, and woodpeckers
but the most important animal is the goats called mufloni

Touristic Places
Top 5


Canals of Venice: The city of water. Stitched together with over 150 canals, you take a gondola ride

The Vatican Museums

Tower of Pisa: built over a period of about 177 years

Pompeii. Ruins of the ancient town buried by lava

 The primary religion in Italy is the catholic

 Italy is the country with more catholic churches than in any other country.

Although the church attendance is low the influence of the church is still high.
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