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Dreamland Prezi

No description

Rachel Spaeth

on 12 June 2013

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Transcript of Dreamland Prezi

Dreamland By:Sarah Dessen Summary When Caitlin O'Koren wakes up on her 16th birthday, she realizes that her older sister, cass, has ran away from home. She leaves Caitlin a "Dream Journal" and tells her to write down everything that happens while shes away. Caitlin then tries to become everything her sister never was. With that, she becomes involved with a well known drug dealer named Rogerson Biscoe. His bad habbits soon begin to become Caitlin's as he introduces her to drugs.
Shortly into their relationship, Rogerson also begins to physically abuse Caitlin. She refuses to tell anybody, and keeps it to herself.
The novel is based on Caitlin's downward spiral as we watch her transform from nice and innocent to a broken, struggling girl, all because of one boy. Characters Protagonist : Caitlin O'Koren Physical Appearance- Caitlin is described as being a 16 year old girl, with a round shaped face, dark eyes, and brown hair Personality Traits- At the beginning of the novel Caitlin was shown as nice, easy going, responsible, trustworthy, and fun to be around.
However after she becomes involved with Rogerson her personality traits begin to change. Caitlin becomes careless, Always worried, untruthful, quiet and very vulnerable. Antagonist: Rogerson Biscoe Physical Appearance- Rogerson is described as a 17 year old "Bad-Boy" with dark curly hair,deep green eyes and an olive complexion. Personality Traits- Rogerson's personality is shown as: Anti-Social, Troble, Protective, Smart, Impatient, and Agressive.
Rogerson is a static character as he shows no change in his personality throughout the novel. Why This Book is an Excellent Read This Novel Deals with a Real Issue: ABUSE Many fictional teen novels deal with issues that seem unrealistic. In Sarah Dessen's novel, Dreamland that is not the case. This book is about Caitlin's struggle with her abusive boyfriend. It was interesting to see how the character dealt with being abused. It also made you think of what you would do if you were in a similar situation. This novel really makes you think about yourself. It is different from many other teen novels, and that's why i believe it's an excellent read. The Plot is Intense & Keeps Readers Interested Throughout the entire novel there were many events that kept occurring. This made the novel really entertaining, and not boring. That is another reason as to why this book is a good read. You were able to really get into to it, and were alwayts wanting to find out what would happen to Caitlin next or if she would tell anybody what she was going through. This book is definitely not like most. There are many turning points in the novel that keep you interested. The Characters The final reason why this book is a good read is because of the characters. The Author, Sarah Dessen, takes time in her novels to allow readers to get to know the characters. By her doing this, you are able to get a better perspective of each of the character's personalities. This also allows readers to get more into the story, and have a better understanding as to why certain characters do certain things. For example : Why Caitlin refuses to tell anybody about her actual abuse. Therefore this novel is a good read because it is different from most other teen novels today.
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