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Julia Płuciennik

on 13 June 2013

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Transcript of Leaders

Bronisław Komorowski was born on 4th June 1952 in Oborniki Slaskie. He is a historian. Before he became president, he had been a Member of a Parliament, Secretary of State for Defence and the marshal of the Sejm.
His hobby is hunting
His wife is Anna Dembowska, he 's got 5 children.
At the beginning of this year Bronisław Komorowski shaved his mustache to provide action about correct polish language.
Bronisław Komorowski
Michelle Obama is his wife. They 've got tho daughters - Malia Ann and Natasha.
Barack Obama was born on 4th September 1961 in Honolulu on Hawaii. He is the 44th president of the USA. He studied political science and international relations.
He is famous for charisma and inspiring speeches. He 's an author of a famous quotation:
United States of America
Barack Obama
Elizabeth II
Akihito is a keen ichthyologist. He 's a co-author of first, illustrated book about fish occurring in Japan. He belongs to a lot of clubs and associations dealing this domain of science.
He arrived to Poland with his wife in 2002 at Aleksander Kwasniewski 's invitation.
Akihito was born on 23rd December 1933 in Tokio. He 's 125th emperor of Japan. Akihito studied political science and economics.
Quentin Bryce
Dilma Rousseff
Andry Rajoelina
He was a leader of the anti - government riots. On 14th of March 2009 he published coup and 3 days later president Marc Ravalomanana resigned.
Andry Rajoelina was born on 30th May 1974 on Madagascar. He worked as a ceremony and evening parties organizer, he was also a DJ. Then Rajoelina founded the company. He 's an owner of the television and radio station VIVA.
Julia Płuciennik 3c
Thank you for watching my presentation
Akihito and Michiko (his wife) were awarded Order of the White Eagle.
He is a laureate of the Nobel Peace Prize and Grammy Award for an audio version of his thoughts "Dreams from My Father".
There is no Black America or White America, there is just the United States of America
Rajoelina became president on 24th March 2009 when he was 34.
On 1st January 2011 she took office, she 's the first female elected President of Brasil.
After the coup in 1964 Dilma Rousseff became interested in politics. Three years later she joined radical fraction youth organization Urban guerrilla warfare. This is why she was tortured and kept in prison in 1970 - 1972.
Dilma Rousseff was born on 19th December 1947 in Belo Horizonte. She is an economist and a politician, she was a Minister of Mines and Energy.
Quentin Bryce was born on 23rd December 1942 in Brisbane. She 's an australian lawyer and Governor General of Australia.
Quentin with her husband Michael Bryce, they 've got 5 children.
Australia belongs to United Kingdom and Queen Elizabeth II is the monarch, but she is represented by Governor - General.
She was the first woman who lectured low at a prestigious university in Queensland.
She is the first woman, who is General - Governor of Australia.
Her husband is Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. They met in 1934 and married in 1947 though royal Couple' s reluctance. They' ve got 4 children.
In 1953, Queen Elizabeth was crowned and she became the Person of the Year according to Time.
Queen Elizabeth II was born on 21st April 1926 in London. She 's the Queen of the United Kingdom and head of the Anglican Church.
United Kingdom
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