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No description

lily ross

on 10 December 2014

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Transcript of MICHAEL VEY

the prisoner of cell 25
book by Richard Paul Evans
book report by Lily Ross king 3

At first the story takes place in a normal town in Idaho. Where Michael and his mother live in a small apartment. Its a small town where interesting things don't really happen. Then the setting changes to a laboratory in Pasadena. Where they experiment on children with special powers. The children are bribed with riches and live in luxury with the price of letting them experiment on them. The children think it's a school and their powers are being used for good but their not. The public thinks it's also a boarding school, but little do they know what is really happening on the inside.
Michael- If I had to pick two character traits to describe Michael one would be,calm.Because in the beginning when he went to school he was bullied a lot,and the teachers never believed him that he was being bullied.I'd blow up if nobody believed me but he stayed calm.My other character trait is bravery,when his mom got kidnaped he hoped in a car a drove down to get her himself.I'd call the FBI to do that for me.
Taylor- If I had to pick two traits to describe Taylor one would be,well rounded. In the beginning when Taylor went to school she was pretty perfect,she was popular, she got good grades, she was nice to other people,and she has the power to read mines so she always knew what you were thinking. She sounds like the girls you see in commercials right? The other character trait I picked was courageous. Because when the doctors from the laboratory told Taylor to kill somebody to test how much she'd obey them,she did not do it even though she knew she would be punished horribly because she knew it was the wrong thing.
Michael just moved to a new town in Idaho,were he hopes to hide his secret that he can shoot bolts of electricity from his hands.Only his mother knows about these powers and would wish to hide them too.Until he can't help himself and tells his best friend Oistin. Then when he meets cheerleader Taylor he discovers that she has powers like his,except she has the power to read mines,and make people forget what they were doing mid-way through what they were doing. Together Oistin,Michael,and Taylor form a club the Electroclan. The club soon finds out that why Taylor,and Michael have these powers is because the day they were born doctors in that hospital were experimenting with a health machine and strange electric radiations from the machine gave all the babies in the hospital powers.Soon after the discovery Taylor is kidnaped by a organization planing to experiment on her powers they also have the other children from the hospital she was born in.Includeing Taylor's twin sister Tara.Taylor is having the time of her life spending time with her sister but then to test her obedience Taylor is asked to kill a person.She refuses because she knows it is wrong.And as punishment for disobeying she is thrown in to cell with other children who disobeyed.Back in Idaho Michael's mother is kidnaped by the organization to lure in Michael.So he and Oistin drive to Laboratory to look for his mom,and Taylor,but are soon caught. They want to use Micahel's powers but he wont cooperate.So they put him in cell 25. A horrible place were he is torched,beaten,and starved until about after a month they come to get him and tell him he is sentenced to death,but he escapes.He grabs Taylor, Oistin, and all the other kids in Taylor's cell,and they run away.
The theme of the story is what spider man ounce said,'' with great power comes great responsibility.''Michael must have not seen vary many spider man movies because he did not use his powers responsibly that is what got him inthis mes in first place.He should have never told Ostion his secret or would not even be in this problem.
Witch Charecter
I personally did not like this book. I'm really not a big fan on science fiction. Plus I just think it was kinda predictable.I do though recommend this book to anybody who just loves science fiction,it's a good book if you give it to the person with the right interests.
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