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Tyler, The Creator - Below The Surface, Beyond Appearances

A short look into the hidden art behind Tyler, The Creator's empire.

Derrick Goss

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of Tyler, The Creator - Below The Surface, Beyond Appearances

Below the Surface, Beyond Appearances
Tyler, The Creator
Rapper, producer, director, actor, musician, comedian, graphic artist, clothing designer, & artist.
Tyler's Father
Left Tyler's mother shortly after Tyler's conception

Does not pay child support

Unclear if he has contacted Tyler or not. (Mixed stories in songs)

Large factor in Tyler's music career (Inspiration and anger)

Interpretations of Tyler's Music
// Awful, gory, pointless Satan-speak
What Tyler Accomplishes
1. Shocks the audience beyond belief.
2. Stirs up the rap music industry, revolutionizing it
3. Allows himself to be a looking glass into the life of an urban minority
4. Gives comfort and a sense of hope to those who relate
5. Wolf Gang gives a sense of community to those who otherwise would have none
6. Actually being a pretty good role model
7. Provides for his family
8. Makes us re-think our initial stereotypes
9. Creates a giant, all-encompassing artistic masterpiece, shrouded under grimy, vulgar
lyrics that sell incredibly well. Giving art to those who otherwise would not wish to receive it, without them even knowing it.
10. Inspires conversations, both educated and uneducated, about artistic value (Modern Art)
On the Surface
Tyler's Persona
Extremely Abrasive
Excessively Vulgar
Wasted Youth/Bad Role Model
"I'm not a f***ing role model" - Goblin
His Music
Angry, Vulgar, Misogynistic, Violent
His Goals
Corrupt Children
Inspire Hatred
Encourage Violence and Misogyny
"An atheist that just worships Satan" - Rusty
Early Life
Tyler Gregory Okonma
March 6, 1991 (22 years old)
Ladera Heights, California
Nigerian Father and African-American/White Canadian Mother
12 Years of Schooling, 12 Schools
"Drama-Club Kid"
Always Had Dreams of Music
Piano at 14
Odd Future / OFWGKTA
2006/2007 - Tyler was 15
The Odd Future Tape - November 2008 (17)
Rapped on 11/19 Songs
"So far beyond everyone else here that it's ridiculous" - Tom Breihan (Pitchfork Media)
Members of OF:
Tyler the Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, Frank Ocean, Hodgy Beats, Left Brain, Domo Genesis, Mike G, Syd the Kyd, Matt Martians, Hal Williams, Taco Bennett, Jasper Dolphin, Lucas Vercetti, L-Boy
OF's Manager: Christian Clancy
6 Subgroups within OF
Wolf Gang
All of Odd Future is Wolf Gang, but not all of Wolf Gang is Odd Future

Fans of Tyler/OF

Wolf Gang // Golf Wang // Trash Wang

Family Substitute for Tyler and Other Members of OF
Wolf Haley
Tyler's Director Pseudonym/Alter Ego

Directed All of His Own Music Videos (8 so far)

All Wildly Different (both from each other and from rap norms)

All Incredibly Well Done and Polished

2011 MTV Music Video Awards
Nominated for Video of the Year (Yonkers)
Won Best New Artist
Comedy in his music

Loiter Squad (2012 - present)
21 episodes and counting
His Music and Technique
Tyler's Beats
Producing beats since age 15

Wolf utilizes them heavily
How I Connect
Unique Identity
Great Diction, Easy to Understand
Anti-Establishment Feelings
Great Beats
Stand back and see the bigger picture
Tyler's Future
Currently worth $4 Million
No plans to expand Wolf Gang globally
Successful merchandising business
Keep doing it until he doesn't have to/it's not fun
November, 2008 (17)
December 25, 2009 (18)
May 10, 2011 (20)
March 20, 2012 (21)
April 2, 2013 (22)

Most rap is in the form of couplets

In-line rhymes, free-verse poetry
// The story of a teenager, battling through life without a father
// Story of Tyler, Wolf, Sam, and Salem:

Wolf --> Bastard --> Goblin --> EarlWolf (2015) --> Sam (is dead)

Wolf introduces main characters, Wolf, Sam, and Salem(14 or 15 range), and begins the conflict between them.
Wolf ends as Tyler is taken to see a Counselor (Dr. TC -- Three sessions)

In Bastard, Tyler lets out emotions about his father. Sam and Wolf are not mentioned by name, but there presence is still known. Salem is talked about, but under an assumed name ("Sarah, that's not her name, I just think this is clever"). Tyler graduates High School. Lines are blurred between Tyler's real life and the story of Sam and Wolf

Goblin. Gets. Crazy. Tyler's alter ego's become more real, continuing to blur lines between the story and the storyteller. Tyler talks about Schizophrenia. Sam injects his anger. Wolf inputs his awkward need of love. It is implied to take place in a mental hospital. Dr. TC brings Tyler's friends together for an intervention. Dr. TC calls in a nurse. Tyler has a Fight Club-esque revelation.

Sam (is dead) is the conclusion to the story, when Tyler decides to grow up, and kill off the rest of his imaginary alter egos, potentially getting over his Schizophrenia.
His Personal Values
Works Cited
Miscellaneous Youtube Videos (shown in presentation)
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