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Preschool Teacher

by: Susan Wong :)

Caitlin Grogaard

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of Preschool Teacher

Process Knowledge/ Experience QUALITIES 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c Abilities PATIENCE
speak clearly
oral expression
speech recognition
oral comprehension
active listening
reading comprehension
learning strategies
time management
monitoring the students and classroom
critical thinking
judgement and decision making Job Activities prepare children for kindergarten by introducing concepts that will further be explored later
plan and follow a curriculum that would target different areas of child development
development schedules and routines so children can have enough physical activity, rest, and playtime
explain reading, writing, science, and other subjects Assistant Teacher PRESCHOOL ACTIVITIES Historical Employment by Year :) PRESCHOOL
TEACHER BY SUSAN WONG XD Preschool teachers usually teach and introduce 3 - to 6- year old children to storytelling, games, rhyming, and singalongs, and in general, to "the world of school." JOB DESCRIPTION A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A PRESCHOOL TEACHER
Activities help children develop and improve language, vocabulary, social skills, and learn basic science and math concepts before entering primary school and kindergarten. Though there is not much recognition given to preschool teachers, they are important because their career helps start many children's education and social interaction for their next twelve or more years in school. Customer and Personal Service
Education and Training
English Language EXPERIENCE:
previous work-related skills, knowledge, or experience with kids Education:
most require vocational schools
related on-the-job experience
associate's degree
bachelor's degree Training:
usually need one or two years on training involving on-the-job experience
informal training with experienced workers Teacher Lead Teacher ADVANCEMENTS Fun learning activities to be creative Interacting with each other to improve social skills and cooperate for children Read stories and listen to storytelling and rhyming to learn more language Learn basic math concepts in order to get ready for kindergarten Focus on setting the right attitude about life that is a mix of loving and learning at the same time Historical Salary by Year "According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, preschool teachers earned an average salary of $30,150 in 2011." median: $23,870 annually General Requirements:
high school diploma
certification and bachelor's degree in early childhood education
Child Development Associate (CDA) earn certification in first aid and infant and child CPR EMOTIONS PRESCHOOL CHILDREN WILL EXPERIENCE As preschool teacher, you are responsible to provide young children an education to transition them into kindergarten and maintain a loving environment. THANK YOU FOR EXPLORING THIS PRESCHOOL CLASSROOM as a PRESCHOOL TEACHER
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