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FinTech Storm

Come join the FinTech revolution

Allahverdi Hajiyev

on 7 December 2016

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Transcript of FinTech Storm

Banking & Data analytics
Social metrics fund
Fin Tech can include everything from mobile banking to crowd funding

Fin Tech will continue its sharp growth in the coming years
What is Fin Tech?
The frequency of the sentiment ‘love’ correlates with the stock price of ‘Hite Jinro’

By using this trading model, they made 9.7% profits last year.
Social metrics fund
Samsung Pay
The new way to pay with your Samsung Galaxy device
Works in more stores than any other mobile payment service
Serviced only on Galaxy Note5, Galaxy S6, S6 edge
Financial software
The software to create a financial business more effectively
The oldest field in Fin Tech
Already widely used in finance
Risk management and accounting
Accuracy in big data may lead to more confident decision making
operational efficiency
cost reduction
reduced risk

하지에브 엘릭
Searching words on Facebook and Twitter related to nine moods:
What is Fin Tech?

Fin Tech means FINancial TECHnology

Fin Tech is disrupting sectors such as:
mobile payments
money transfers
fund raising
asset management

Fin Tech's myriad of advantacements signal an increasing momentum for the movement on a globe scale
Fin Tech Storm
Come join the Fin Tech revolution

Table of contents
1.What is Fin Tech?
2.Banking & Data analytics
3.Social metrics fund
4.Samsung pay
5.Financial software
7.How are banks reacting to Fintech?
The key point of is to statistically analyze the sentiments expressed on SNS, and relate it with investment

So "Social Metrics Fund" calculates correlation of stock item with nine moods

It chooses the stock items which have correlation more than 90 percents
*Before new platform provide finance service, we need exchanging fee and oversea sending fee.

*If you use a new platform, you just pay mediation fee.

*So user can reduce total fee.

*It is called
"Revolution of Fintech"
*FDS's main function is the prevention of wrong payment.
*When user's buying has a difference compared with usual buying pattern, FDS requires a secondary certification.
New Platform of Fintech helps to success and give a new road to start business.
Banks are ramping up accelerators and innovation labs,even sometimes they invest in Fintech ventures directly
Banks are right to be afraid of Fintech boom
It doesn't seem to replace banks totally because many Fintech companies rely on existing bank accounts.

They will gradually sap out away the banking sector' profitability.
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