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The Kihanna Saga: The Fab Life

No description

Haley Raflik

on 10 March 2015

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Transcript of The Kihanna Saga: The Fab Life

The Kihanna Saga: The Fab Life By: Mercy Amare
Kihanna Evers and Gabrial Johnson
Toby Evers
The book starts with Kihanna in St.Louis but she ends up moving with her dad to California.
Toby is Kihanna's sterbrother that helps Kihanna fit in with the rest of the other kids and is a different supporter.
Kihanna is the main character in the book. She lived with her mom in St Louis until she found out her dad was a billionaire. Gabrial starts off as just a friend of Kihanna's, then they start hanging out more and feelings change.
The theme of the book is to stay true to yourself even if your whole life changes.
The plot of the story is that Kihanna is trying to fit in with her new lifestyle. Later in the book finds out the someone is trying to kill everyone she loves.
Ty Newman
Ty is the popular guy in school. he "falls in love" with Kihanna. Later in the book Ty does something to Kihanna and changes her feeling about him.
Jacqueline Hoff and Mysertious Stalker
Presentation By...
Jacqueline is Kihanna's arch-nemisis. She may bully Kihanna but Kihanna knows how to fight back. Then there's this stalker that is threatening Kihanna and leaves her surprises.
Haley Raflik Period 1
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