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cival rights movement

No description

Gloria Mendoza

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of cival rights movement

Brown vs. Board of Ed. Events It was a Supreme Court case that stated that segragated schools were not alowed because the were not eqaul to the african american students. It denyed them of an equal educational opertunites and was unconstitutional Little Rock 9 It waz 9 brave african americans that wanted to go to an all white school when the law that segregated schools weren't alowed any more. Voting Rights Act of 1965 Cival rights Act of 1968 It outlawed the discriminatory voting practices that were adopted in many southern states after the Cival War including literary tests as a prerequisite to voting. An act also known as the fair housing act that
didnt allow the sell, rent, and financial housing
to be based on ones race, religon, national origon
and as of 1988 their gender. Strategies Freedom Riders March on washington Sit-Ins Civil Disobedience Was a group of african americans that road buses throught towns preaching about fighting for there rights in a nonviolent way A nonviolent way that african americans and whites did to say that they were going to wait as long as they had to until they had recived thier birth rights The March on Washington for freedom and for jobs was a large political rally that took place in Washington D.C. and on lincon mamorial were Martin Luther King Jr. gave his i had a dream speech. People Martin Luther King Jr. Malcom X Rosa Parks Lyndon Johnson Martin luther King Jr. was a leader of African Americans that were fighting for their freedom.He was also one who fought with out using violence he belived that violence would only cause more vioulence Rosa Parks was an African American that decided she didnt want to give up her seat to a white man on the bus because she was tired from work and back then in her time the busses were segregated. Was the 36th president of the united states of america and the 37th vice president of the U.S.A. and he waz responsibel for the deisgning the "Great Society" He waz an African American Muslim, public speeker and a human rights activist. He was also a leader in the fight for african amerians rights but he belived to do it in a violent way beacuse if the whites were to act in a violent way they were to stand up for them self and not get beat. Organizations Black Panthers KKK NNACP SCLC They were a group of white people only who bellived they were better then any other race and who would do violent things to African Americans to try and stop them with fear to speek out and fight for their freedom. Was one of many american cival rights organizations. They were closley accosiated with the first president and Martin Luther King Jr. and they had a huge role in the american cival rights organization. They were and african american revolutionary left wing organization working for the self-defense for african americans. Founded feb.12. 1909. It is the nations largest, oldest, most widley reconized organization that fought for the african american rights. Cival Rights Era Prezi Progect
by Gloria Mendoza 4th hour It was a strategy african americans adopted to gain their freedom in a nonviolent resistance way.
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