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Gone Girl: A Comparison Between the Book and the Movie

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Claire Jeon

on 25 July 2016

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Transcript of Gone Girl: A Comparison Between the Book and the Movie

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Gone Girl: A Comparison Between the Book and the Movie
Nick's Narration
Amy's Narration
Differences between the book and the movie:
- the "hopes"
- her "fear" of blood
- the number of clues she created
- Nick's proposal
- the development + time period of Nick and Amy's relationship
Characters: How they are differently Portrayed
The following characters have different portrayals within the book and the movie:
- Nick's parents
- Amy's parents
- Hilary Hardy
- Rebecca
- the "Hopes"

General Info
Works Cited
Flynn, Gillian.
Gone Girl.
New York:
Random House, 2012. Print.
- Anachronisms in the timeline
- proposal, reunion
- locations : clues, meeting with Tommy, Mark Twain's house
Things that have been changed or omitted

Differences in Plot
- Nick's proposal
- Nick and Amy's reunion
- how Amy "kills herself"
- how Desi was killed
- the number of clues
- Amy's safeguard
- Nick and Amy's inside joke/phrase
Items being compared:
Although entertaining,
Gone Girl
's movie pales in comparison to the original book in terms of narration, character portrayal, plot, and its settings.
Claire Jeon ENG4U1-05 ISP
Gone Girl
(2012) by Gillian Flynn (book)
Gone Girl
(2014) - directed by David Fincher (movie)
Gone girl
is of the
: crime fiction characterized by cynicism, fatalism, and moral ambiguity
- the plot has two narrators: Nick Dunne and Amy Elliott Dunne, Nick's wife
- the story (in both the movie and the book) focuses on the psychotic and unhealthy relationship between Nick and Amy
- pivotal conflict is Amy's extensive plan to get Nick incarcerated for her murder
Differences between the book and the movie:
- what Nick does the morning of Amy's disappearance
- Nick's encounter with Tommy
- Nick's interview with Rebecca
- the mall investigation
- How Nick is portrayed as a character through his narration
- misogynist, psychopath, an abusive husband

Fincher, David, dir.
Gone Girl.
Century Fox, 2014.
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