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Ark: Survival Evolved presentation

No description

on 23 June 2015

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Transcript of Ark: Survival Evolved presentation

Ark survival evolved
Welcome to ark survival evolved, where you will have to suvive the harsh conditions of a island with Dinosaurs
In Ark: Survival Evolved, the main point of the game is to survive. You can craft tools/items to help you. Once you are skilled enough, you can start to tame dinosaurs/creatures to make them yours.
In Ark, you level up like normal and can increase your stats, after that you get a certain amount of engram points, these are used to be able to craft things like tools, armor, saddles and dye, plus your house
Health: Shows how much damage a player can sustain
Stamina: Indicates how much hyper-active activity a player can do
Oxygen: Shows how long a player can stay underwater before suffocating
Food: Indicates how a player can survive before starving to death
Water: Shows how long a player can survive before dehydration
Weight: Indicates how much weight a player can carry
Melee damage: Indicates how much damage a player can do with a weapon
Movement speed: Indicates how fast a player can move
Fortitude: Indicates the player's ability to resist unconsciousness and environmental effects
Crafting speed: Indicates how much time it takes a player to craft thing
Torpor: Is a players wakefulness
How to tame something
1. Knock the dino out
2. Feed it Narco berries or Narcotics (they render the dino you're trying to tame unconscious)
3. Open it's inventory and feed it food (every dino has it's own favorite food)
4. Wait. (And pray that nothing or nobody tries to kill you)
5. Once the dino gets tamed, you will get a dossier (if you haven't already killed or tamed that species)
Carnivores: They eat any kind of meat. They love to eat raw meat, and especially love to eat raw prime meat. They will eat cooked meat, but prefer to eat raw meats. Some like to eat spoiled meat.
Herbivores: They like to eat berries. Each species has it's own favorite berry.
The dossier is your dinosaur encyclopedia, you can find what you tamed, and that’s it, kind of a collector thing. To fill it out you must tame the dinosaur and if not tameable, you must “defeat” it. There are 33 dossiers currently with three more being added.
Other things
In Ark, there are many other things to do, enter the cave, make a fort, fight bosses, tame fish and even find stuff out. For example, you can get wood from stone (#possible XD).
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