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Investment Project

No description

emily lucier

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of Investment Project

Project Chuck Hughes
Emily Lucier
Nate Belville LinkedIn (LNKD) Services largest professional Internet network in the world allows member to search, communicate, & connect with business contacts, learn of career opportunities, etc. Headquarters & Employees Jeff Weiner, CEO Nick Besbeas, VP, Marketing Sara Clemens, VP,
Corporate Development Mike Gamson, senior VP,
Global Solutions David Henke, senior VP,
Operations Deep Nishar, senior VP,
Products and User Experience Erika Rottenberg, VP,
General Counsel & Secretary Kevin Scott, senior VP,
Engineering Steve Sordello, senior VP,
Chief Financial Officer Shannon Stubo, VP,
Corporate Communications Founders: Reid Hoffman
Allen Blue
Konstantin Guericke
Eric Ly
Jean-Luc Vaillant Corporation in the News Ownership Institution name SHS Held Jennison Associates LLC 7,623,320
T. Rowe Price Associates, Inc. 6,366,516
Morgan Stanley Investment Management Inc. (US) 4,227,040
Columbia Management Investment Advisers, LLC 3,823,363
Vanguard Group, Inc. 2,858,024
http://money.msn.com/technology-investment/post.aspx?post=def5cbe7-b1f1-42e4-a14d-8e1a3424a79b Why LinkedIn Looks Poised for Growth Global Digital Advertising Spending Topped $100 Billion in 2012-Expected to Grow 15.1% in 2013 http://finance.yahoo.com/news/global-digital-advertising-spending-topped-132000501.html Company
Research Created in R. Hoffman's living room
2002 launched in May 2003 more than 161 million professionals using LinkedIn since its launch date Headquarters: Mountain View, California more than 20 office locations around the world
3,177 employees LinkedIn Truck Pres. Obama at LinkedIn Town Hall Meeting 2011 inDay Jan: Healthy Mind, Body, & Spirit UK office entrance US Break Room US Lounge Room Stock Data Numbers and Analysis P.E. Ratio LinkedIn: 799.75
Facebook: 1,921.46
Monster Worldwide: 8.23 Earnings Per Share Price Range MWW has the best P.E. Ratio in this case.
FB's P.E. Ratio is in a "bubble", meaning it's overvalued and could plummet in a few years.
LNKD seems to have a median P.E. ratio, yet it is still high compared to MWW. The P.E. Ratio of LNKD in means that the stock price is very high, but they have not made as much money as MWW. as of February 7, 2013 122.08-126.24 net earnings/common stock outstanding .15 market price per share/earnings per share $16,117,500/107.45M Analyst Predictions MSN Money moderate buy Yahoo Finance (strong buy) 1.0 - 5.0 (sell) 2.3 Market Cap 13.34 Billion Dollars Volume/ Average 1.86M/1.57M # shares traded today/# shares traded per yr Final Analysis Amount of money out in stocks and bonds The market cap of LinkedIn is 13.34B, meaning that it is a VERY large company. Large companies tend to be stable, meaning that LinkedIn could be worth a long term investment. In the past year, the corporation has grown 115% and there is an 89% growth average for the last three years. We believe this company will continue to grow and have success and would be a worthwhile investment. sales growth in the previous year:
115% eBay, Netflix, Microsoft & Target use LinkedIn to find candidates for employment Works Cited "World's Largest Professional Network | LinkedIn." LinkedIn. 5 May 2003. Web. 7 Feb 2013. <http://linkedin.com>. "Google Finance: Stock market quotes, news, currency conversions & more." Google Finance. 21 Mar 2006. Web. 7 Feb 2013. <http://finance.google.com>. "Money: Personal finance, investing news & advice - MSN Money." MSN money. Microsoft, 1998. Web. 7 Feb 2013. <http://money.msn.com>. ranked #14 on best places to work on glassdoor.com
"Glassdoor – an inside look at jobs & companies." Glassdoor. Glassdoor, Jun 2007. Web. 7 Feb 2013. <http://glassdoor.com>. "Yahoo! Finance - Business Finance, Stock Market, Quotes, News." Yahoo! Finance. 1 Mar 1995. Web. 7 Feb 2013. <http://finance.yahoo.com>.
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