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The Conspiracy of Macbeth

No description

Karen Nelapati

on 17 August 2015

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Transcript of The Conspiracy of Macbeth

The Conspiracy of Macbeth
Banned Words
The word Macbeth is banned within theaters
Historic Events
Premiere, actor playing Lady Macbeth dies (1600's)
Stanislavski, Welles and Heston // great directors who suffered at productions of the play
Reasons for tragedy
Dim lighting
Last minute addition (under rehearsed)
Violence within the play itself
Ways of cobatting curse
Turn clockwise 3 times, scream profanities, ask to be welcomed back in
"Hamlet Act 1, Sc 4 "Angels and ministers of grace defend us"
Merchant of Venice Act 3, Sc 4 "Fair thoughts and happy hours attend on you"
Midsummer Night's Dream Act 5, Sc 2 "If we shadows have offended"
The Third Murderer
TWO murderers called in Act 3, Sc 1.
Return in Act 2, Sc 3 with THREE murderers
Evidence pointing to Macbeth
Macbeth is unoccupied for many hours as he does not appear at the banquet until midnight
First murderer: "My Lord, his throat is cut. That I did for him" then later "With twenty trenched gashes on his head" and Macbeth himself "Twenty Mortal Murthers"
Third murderer understands the environment easily
Extreme remorse over the ghost of Banquo
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An exploration of the strangest theories surrounding Macbeth
Popculture Examples
The Simpsons
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