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Unit 6: Critical Approaches

No description

Chris Kuta

on 9 May 2014

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Transcript of Unit 6: Critical Approaches

Provide an analysis by breaking down your case study material in terms of:
and identify the targeted audience.

Create a PowerPoint, and ensure that all of your notes from last week and this week are typed up.
Content such as:
Words, Images, Sounds, Sequences, Colours and Fonts
Allow producers to craft specific material, that would appeal to the audience.
Audience Feedback
Gaining audience feedback is just as important as constructing the product in the first place.

Producers send lots of £ and $ in finding out what the target audience thinks about the product.

If your audience doesn't like the product, its not going to be as successful, and vice versa.
Addressing audiences
When making a product/production (of any sort), one of the key stages the producers will go through, is ensuring that the product addresses the audience.
Unit 6: Critical Approaches
C2: Products for specific audiences

Audience Feedback
Focus Groups
Audience Panels
Trialing and Testing
By selecting the appropriate content, and constructing that content in a particular way, producers can virtually guarantee that the product will be a success with its target audience.
By constructing the content in such a way, producers are able to create a product, that will target audience groups.
Elements such as:
Narratives, Layout, Captions, Anchorage, Language,
Visual, Audio and Symbolic Graphics.

Are manipulated in a way so that people become consumers. Remember what we said about success last week?
To gain the audience feedback, producers employ companies to carry out studies, so that they can then find out if the product works or not.
The end.
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