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on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of PAST TENSES

PAST TENSES _ Gerardo Molina School
School Year 2012 / 2013
1st PCSE Structure _ PAST SIMPLE To be ... Affirmative Negative Interrogative I was
You were
He/she/it was
We were
You were
They were I wasn't
You weren't
He/she/it wasn't
We weren't
You weren't
They weren't Was I ?
Were you?
Was he/she/it?
Were we?
Were you?
Werre they? 1) Most verbs + -ed
play -> played work -> worked surf -> surfed Spelling ... You were late for school - It wasn't a good party
x I didn't be at the theatre yesterday x 2) -e -> d
notice -> noticed decided -> decided 3) Consonant + y -> ied
apply -> applied study -> studied * play -> played 4) Double Consonant
a) Short verb (consonant + vowel + consonant)
plan -> planned spot -> spotted b) 2 or more syllables (final accented)
admit -> admitted prefer -> preferred c) final "l" travel -> travelled 1) To talk about finished / completed actions:

Mozart started to write music at the age of 5.
I finished my homework at 8. Use 2) To talk about actions that took place repeatedly in the past:

We went to France every summer in the 1990s.
She told me that story twice yesterday! 3) To talk about states in the past:

I lived in London for 5 years.
I was very unhappy at school. What did you do yesterday?
What didn’t you do when you were a child?
Where were you Saturday morning?
What did you do to celebrate your last birthday?
Where did you last go on holidays?
What didn’t you like about yesterday?
What did you dream last night? Tell your classmates ... Negative PAST CONTINUOUS Affirmative Interrogative I was reading
You were reading
He/she/it was reading
We were reading
You were reading
They were reading I wasn't reading
You weren't reading
He/she/it wasn't reading
We weren't reading
You weren't readin
They weren't reading Was I reading?
Were you reading?
Was he/she/it reading?
Were we reading?
Were you reading?
Were they reading? I was sending an email
They were having an exam I wasn't talking
We wern't paying attention Was he wearing jeans?
Were they watching TV? Use 1) To speak about actions that were taking place at a specific moment in the past:

I was talking to Anna on the phone at 8 o’clock.
Peter was having dinner at 10. 2) To talk about an interrupted action in the past:

I was having a shower when the phone rang.
I was making tea when the lights went off. What were you doing last Thursday at 8 p.m.?
What was your brother / sister doing Sunday morning at 7 a.m.?
What weren’t you doing yesterday at this time?
What were you doing last Sunday at this time?
What wasn’t your mum / dad doing on Monday at this time? Tell a classmate – Use past continuous
verbs: I was _____ing PAST SIMPLE vs PAST CONTINUOUS We ate a lot and we danced all night -> finished action.
I was having a shower when you called me -> longer action. WHEN we went out, it was snowing
WHILE I was having a shower, the phone rang Directions:
Look at the following picture for one minute. Try to
remember as
many details as you can, but don’t write anything. Practice: Do you have a good memory?Are you a good witness? One minute… How many people were there?
Where were the people?
What was hanging from the ceiling?
What was the bank robber holding?
What was the bank robber wearing?
What color was his hair?
What was covering the bank robber’s face?
Was the bank robber right-handed or left-handed?
What was the bank manager doing?
What was the bank teller doing?
Who was walking into the bank?
What time was it?
What was under the bank manager’s desk? What do you remember? Affirmative

I had spoken ...
You had spoken
He/She/it had spoken
We had spoken
You had spoken
They had spoken PAST PERFECT Negative

I hadn't spoken
You hadn't spoken
He/she/it hadn't spoken
We hadn't spoken
You hadn't spoken
They hadn't spoken Interrogative

Had I spoken?
Had you spoken?
Had he/she/it spoken?
Had we spoken?
Had you spoken?
Had they spoken? When you rang, I
had already
finished working They hadn't arrived
when I got home Had you phoned
Lucy when we met? Past Simple

Finished actions

- Every participant received a present after the competition.
- I had a lot of fun at the party. Past Simple vs Past Perfect Past Perfect

To refer to one
action that took place before
another action in the past

- By the time we got home, my sister had already left. Past Simple

2 hours / days / weeks / months / years … AGO

LAST night / Tuesday / weekend…

YESTERDAY morning, afternoon, night … Time expressions The following expressions join a sentence
in the PAST SIMPLE with a sentence in the

AFTER: después de
BEFORE: antes de
BY THE TIME: para cuando
AS SOON AS: en cuanto
UNTIL: hasta
AS: cuando
WHEN: cuando
WHILE: mientras By the time John was 20, he had worked in 4 factories.
John left home as soon as he had finished school. Affirmative

He / she / it + used to + VB
We (infinitive)
They Used to Negative

He/she/it + didn't use to
We + (infinitive)
They Interrogative

Did he/she/it + use to
we + vb (inf)
they I used to cycle to school
(but now I don't) We didn't use to have
a DVD player
(but now we do) Where did you use to live? Affirmative

He/she/it a) Regular Vb:-ed
We b) Irregular Vb: (2)
They He started working at the age of 17.
I bought the newspaper yesterday. Negative I
He/she/it + didn't + vb
We (inf)
They I didn't enjoy the film.
She didn't pass the exam. Interrogative I
Did he/she/it + vb?
we (inf)
they Did your brother go to university? When did she leave home? Affirmative

He/she/it + would + vb (inf)
They Would When I was a child, I would
spend my holidays in Menorca

I would watch cartoons after school

Negative I
He/she/it + wouldn't + vb (inf)
They We wouldn't have lunch
until 3 o'clock

I wouldn't play the guitar Interrogative I
Would + he/she/it + vb(inf)?
they Would you swim in the sea every day?

Would you play tennis every week? Refers to...

a state in the past

When I was younger, I used to have long hair
an action that happened regularly in the past

Did you use to write in your diary
every day?
Used to Would Refers to...

an action that happened regularly in the past:

I would go to the swimming pool
after school

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