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Top 10 Animal Farm Propaganda

No description

nicole francis

on 18 March 2015

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Transcript of Top 10 Animal Farm Propaganda

6. "I will work harder"
This is an ex
ample of eth
os because Boxer is m
orally persuadin
g himself to work a
nd m
ake a tireless commit
5. "All animals are equal"
The quote is an example of ethos because it's appealing to the animals in theory, but it is not really practical, because it is not true.
4."Milk and apples (this has proven by science comrades) contains substances absolutley necessary to the well being of a pig. "
9. "Long Live Animal Farm."
Pathos because the phrase creates a sense of pride, loyalty, and emotion. However, it also creates a false sense of security because the animals in animal farm are not really safe.
8. "Tactics, comrades, tactics."
The quote is chiasmus because it is a reverse order of corresponding phrases.
Top 10 Animal Farm Propaganda

7. "Do not imagine, comrades, that leadership is pleasure."
This quote is an example of logos because according to the pigs it is a scientific fact that pigs need milk and apples, so it is only logical they should get them.

10."Four legs good, two legs bad."
Logos because its logical and is a "fact" that animals are friends and humans are evil.
The quote is pathos because Squealer also wants the "comrades"to believe that Napoleon is taking a big sacrifice to take on the responsibility of running the farm.

3. "You do not imagine, I hope, that we pigs are doing this (taking the milk and apples) in a spirit of selfishness and privilege
This quote is rhetorical because the question is not meant to be answered, but to influence the other animals to agree with the pigs on letting them eat the milk and apples
2. "Napoleon is always right."
This is chiasmus because it consists of two parallel phrases in reverse order.
1."Surely there is no one among us who wants to see Jones come back?"
This quote is rhetorical because its a question that Squealer doesn't want to be answered, instead he's using the question to convince the animals that the farm is so much better than it was but in reality its not.
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