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Learnmera Oy Presentation

No description

Veronica Gelfgren

on 15 January 2018

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Transcript of Learnmera Oy Presentation

The web portal for teachers with 24 tools to create worksheets with and 6 interactive tools to make online quizzes and tests with the possibility to follow up the student's progress.

Material bank, image gallery with free resources. Over 26 000 registered users.

40 languages, enables the users to make bilingual material in 2380 language combinations.
We are a private corporate language training/translation company.

We provide corporate language training in the Helsinki area. Clientele ranges from ministries, banks, private corporations and to the third sector.

Translation services, 20+ languages offered. Main languages Finnish, English, Swedish, Russian

We specialize in material creation in different languages aimed at adults.
Levels A1-C2
The Language Menu
Our services
Learnmera and The Language Menu are visible on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, YouTube, Vimeo, LinkedIn, Instagram, Flickr, SlideShare, Scribd, Google+
With a total of 23 831 followers
Social media
Scribd.com is a portal where we have uploaded more than 1000 worksheets and documents with over 21 000 followers
Learnmera has participated in different Domestic and EU projects since 2008.
Learnmera also provides 1-3 day seminars on using social media for dissemination of projects and on how to work with flashcards in the classroom
Nordic Network For WOI (2010-2011),
Business_Mail (2010-2012), business communication
Segundas Lenguas y Nuevas Tecnologías (2011-2013), second language learning
Language On The Move (2008-2010), language learning
Web portal for foreign health care personnel who want to learn Swedish to work in the Swedish-speaking parts of Finland

Swedish, Finnish, English, Russian and Polish language versions
A Finland LiveBinder with hundreds of links in English to web sites arranged according to categories
Country Profiles
Thank you!
TLM on Facebook
TLM on Pinterest
TLM on Youtube
TLM on Vimeo
TLM on Google+
TLM on Scribd
Supefl (2014-2017), teaching second languages to learners with special needs/learning disabilities
RADAR (2014-2016), xenophobia and racism
Info4Migrants (2013-2015), immigration, integration
Moving Languages (2016-2018), language learning, immigration, integration
Mobile Tech (2016-2017),
CVPlus (2016-2017),
corporate volunteering
Julia Basjukina
Yulia is administrating various projects in the sphere of education and culture, creating educational material and making layout designs. With BBA and MA degree in Russian Philology, Yulia has a 8+ year experience in language teaching, translations and interpreting (English - Russian), and has been creating content for online language learning services for over 5 years.

Languages: English, Russian
Mobile: +358 50 353 8653​​​​​

Languages: English, Finnish, German, French
Inês Messias
Inês Messias works on our projects as a researcher, translator, material and content creator. She is a lecturer at ISCTE-Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, were she is also a researcher at ISTAR. She is also a researcher at Lisbon Open University. She holds a PhD in Educational Sciences, with a focus on e-learning; holds a Master degree in Communicational and Educational Multimedia and a Degree in Education.

Languages: English, Portuguese, French
Marja-Liisa Helenius
Marja-Liisa's tasks include coordinating translation assignments, translating between Finnish and English, client relations, project work on different language training projects. She has an MA in English Philology, studies in Communication, Pedagogy, French Philology and Comparative Literature. She has worked with translations for several companies and universities for more than eight years, as well as with international EU projects for Learnmera.
Veronica Gelfgren
Our Team
Veronica brings 18+ years of experience in teaching, corporate training and research in empowering learning. She is also an active partner/coordinator of several European Union projects on language learning / teaching / immigration / integration. With hundreds of thousands of reads/downloads of free langauge material created by her and uploaded on Scribd, she commands excellent contribution and immersion into community of learning and teaching.
Mobile: +358 45 169 5454​​

Languages: English, Swedish, Finnish
Project administrator, language specialist, layout artist
Translation Coordinator
E-Learning expert and Multimedia specialist
SFI – Swedish for immigrants in Finland (2016-2017)
mobile learning
Dialogue (2016-2018)
A digital tool for integrating into the lessons

LVE - Language Voices in Europe (2017-2019)
TAU – From Teachers to Andragogues (2017-2019)
How to improve the quality of adult education

Youth Online (2017-2019) Create awareness about Early School Leaving
App4Skills (2017-2019) Application to develop Basic Skills of disadvantaged adults
TECH4ALL (2012-2014), adult education and technology
Learning through Teaching (LETE) (2012-2014),
teaching methodology
ECDI (2012-2014), gender equality
Langlete in ESTFIT (2012-2014), culture and language learning
Enjoy Language within Tourism (2011-2013), language learning for tourism
OPENING DOORS , GIVING OPPORTUNITIES (2017-2019) improve quality adult education, reduce school drop-out and incorporate citizens at risk
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