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Dove: Campaign for Real Beuty

No description

Alli Weinberger

on 6 September 2012

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Transcript of Dove: Campaign for Real Beuty

Campaign for Real Beauty When you hear about the brand Dove, what immediately comes to mind? Is Dove more than just a beauty product?
In what ways has the brand taken on a different role? Old Dove What angle was old Dove taking in their ads? Dove as a Master Brand Do you think Dove is more effective by advertising using a general campaign rather than advertising for each individual product? Beauty products historically have featured their products with models that represent the ideal image of beauty. By using real women, is the appeal of the product diminished? What were the potential consequences Dove faced in featuring “real women” in their ads? What dangers could Dove have encountered through the use of social media? "Social Lubricant- How a marketing campaign became the catalyst for societal debate... the more intriguing fact is that it is a marketing campaign- not a political figure of major news organization or even a film- that opened a dialogue" Organizing for brand management: Plan of Action: Tick Box Campaign Social Media Overarching Lessons: Creation of a Master Brand Connection with Consumers- making the brand mean more than just a product Cream Oil Wash Contest Brand Consumer POV Dove Self-Esteem Fund What are your thoughts on Unilever’s Path to Growth initiative? Do you think that dividing the managerial labor between brand development and brand outreach is effective?

Or do you think that Unilever should stick with their original management technique, a technique similar to that of their competitor Proctor and Gamble, in which each brand operates as a separate business, with a single brand manager heading each operation? College Campuses Was the Dove campaign just a marketing ploy to make money? Were they exploiting a hot topic in current media or was it genuine? Or both?
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