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1. Rosa Hubermann – Your emotions are the slave to your thou

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Jadin Marshall

on 25 September 2014

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Transcript of 1. Rosa Hubermann – Your emotions are the slave to your thou

1. Rosa Hubermann –
Your emotions are the slave to your thoughts, and you’re the slave to your emotions
– Rosa is a simple but "unspoken" women. She constantly calls the people she loves a “saukerl” (male pig) and a “saumensch” (female pig) and the three years she had with Liesel (her daughter) she not once said she loved her. My advice to Rosa is to speak your feelings. Your emotions are connected to your thoughts and you are connected to your emotions. You have the right to cry once in a while and tell people you love them. You will not only benefit from this but the person you are communicating with will also benefit. You don’t have to wear a brick wall

2. Max Vandenburg -
‘Tis better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all
– Max is constantly mourning over the death of his mother and how he should have stayed with her etc. He also repeats to himself that he isn’t worthy and that he should be sorry for the things he’s done. He then finds another family, Liesel’s family. He is always asking them for forgiveness for putting them into a rough position (Hint: Max is a Jew, and Liesel and her family (the Hubermanns) are German). My advice to Max is that there are people who love him, for who he is. He needs to acknowledge that and move on. Yes, he loved his mother and he lost her, but he was still loved by her. That’s all that matters.

3. Liesel Meminger –
Absence makes the heart grow founder
– Liesel loses a lot of people in the maximum time of fourteen years of age. Such as her mother when she is eleven, her brother when she is eleven, and her foster parents, best friend Rudy, and everyone else in her neighborhood on the same night. I believe she should follow this saying because even though she feels pain of their absences her heart will become stronger and she will eventually move on from the tragic event. (Which happens to be at age 90- She dies)
4. Rudy Steiner –
Angry cats get scratched skin
– Rudy constantly lets anger get the best of him. For example when he finds out his father is getting cast to the Army; he storms out of his neighborhood and threatens to kill the fuber. (This is Hitler). So my advice to him is to calm down and to think through his decisions
5. Hans Hubermann –
The last rice isn’t nice

– Hans is a really nice guy, too nice to be exact. This causes him to get messed with easily. For example, when Hans stood up for the Jew that was on the floor he was beaten three times with a whip. His nice deed caused him to be publically humiliated, and his family was put into danger. So my advice is to think things through and ask yourself, “Am I and the victim benefiting from this nice deed?” In this case it would be a no, because the Jew was beaten several times and spit on.
6. Frau Holtzapfel –
You need to spend time crawling alone though shadows to truly appreciate what it is to stand in the sun
– Frau Holtzapfel was a mean old lady. She liked to spit on the Hubermanns yard and she made sure to be extra impolite to them. But at the same time I think she was miserable because of her sons being at war. So I think she should follow the proverb above. Her time alone, from all the sadness, should make her appreciate life even more. For example, when her son committed suicide and the other died in war, that’s a hard time. But after that she shouldn’t be ruthless to others. She should be able to look at life now and just appreciate what she has. Like food, shelter, and friends. She can now see other people suffering because of the losses. Why not help them?
7. Ilsa Hermann –
Move and the way will open
– Ilsa lost her son, but she lost him twenty years ago and she is still mourning. The proverb above will help her. She needs to move away from the past and a new way will open and form. For example: When Liesel’s papa went to war she fretted for two days. The next few weeks she moved away from that mourning past and went on to help others.

8. Reinhold Zucker –
Don’t drink the rat poison and then wait for the other person to die
– Reinhold was in the Army with Hans. They played cards together and after losing several times he held a grudge. Because of this grudge he got himself killed. He got himself killed by taking Hans’s original seat on the bus, just to make him mad. Hans, the kind guy he was, just went to a different seat. Then what do you know, a raid shoots the wheels of the bus/car and it topples over several times. Reinhold was killed and Hans only broke his leg. Reinhold should have just let him be. Grudges lead to envy and envy will make you green.
9. Michael Holtzapfel –
Don’t let your bitter heart eat you
– Michael returns home after the war and he’s very distraught. He has lost his brother, his fingers, and has been shot in the ribs. He is so weak and sad that he eventually commits suicide. He felt so guilty that he was happy that he got to live. So he ended his life. My message to him is that you shouldn’t let your bitter heart control you. Everything happens for a reason. You are alive for a reason and there was no reason you had to end it.

10. Alex Steiner –

Let the steadfast love and faithfulness forsake you; bind them around your neck; write them on the tablet of your heart
– Alex was Rudy’s father. He rarely showed his love. For example: When he left for the Military he didn’t say he loved Rudy. He simply half heartedly hugged him and left. We all knew he loved his kids and wife but he needs to show it more. That is my message. Let love overcome you.
By: Markus Zusak
Presented By: Jadin Marshall
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