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Serial Killers

No description

Tori Smith

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Serial Killers

Serial Killers To be a serial killer, you must: have killed at least three people have had a "cooling off" period between the killings Most serial killers... are white middle-to-low class males have violent and active fantasy lives Types of Killers "Normal" killers kill people they know have a specific motive Mass murderers kill multiple people at the same time have a motive usually commit suicide after they kill Types of Serial Killers Organized killers Disorganized killers externalize anger choose victims according to
what they have in mind grew up in stable homes dispose of or hide bodies don't logically choose victims leave bodies where they kill them internalize fear and anger more
than normal people grew up with alcoholism, harsh discipline, etc. John Wayne Gacy father was an alcoholic and a strict disciplinarian picked up boys brought them home and gave them alcohol tied them up and raped them killed them and hid bodies in crawl space arrested in 1979,
found guilty 1980,
died 1994 Ted Bundy "I should never have been convicted
of anything more serious than running
a cemetery without a license" "Sometimes I feel
like a vampire" was an illegitimate child and grew up
thinking that his mother was his sister picked up girls in his gold Volkswagen
using the line "My name is Ted" raped and killed them disposed of their bodies caught and sentenced to prison,
caught and sentenced again,
died 1989 Mental illness theory labeled "psychopaths" official term is Antisocial Personality Disorder (APD) don't conform to social norms,
lack remorse,
show anger or indifference are not insane; know right from wrong
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