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Why Is Artemis An Important Goddess In Greek History


Pina Meleca

on 9 June 2015

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Transcript of Why Is Artemis An Important Goddess In Greek History

Why Is Artemis An Important Goddess In Greek History?
The Trojan War
Artemis was involved in a important part of the Trojan war
Living Life with Chasity
Artemis Goddess of Childbirth
Artemis became the goddess of childbirth because her birth story.
Who Is the goddess artemis?

she is daughter of Zeus and Leto
twin of Apollo god of light
known for being the goddess of many things such as hunting, child birth, the wilderness and the moon
known for having a group of virgin females called "hunters of artemis"
Here are some facts you should know:
Artemis is known for many things such as her fantastic hunting skills and her dedication to her father and brother; but I have chosen three aspects of her life that show how truly amazing Artemis is.
Artemis's mother Leto was impregnated by Zeus (King of Olympus). Hera his wife was outraged when she found out, she told all the immortals of every land in Greece to not allow Leto to give birth.
Leto met a woman named Delos, She directed Leto to the island of Ortyia where it was safe to give birth
She gave birth to Artemis, Artemis saw how much pain her mother was in and helped deliver her twin brother Apollo
Through her compassion for her mother and brother, she became the goddess of childbirth
Artemis lived her entire life chased.
One of the most known traits Artemis possess is her self-control.
Artemis asked Zeus at a very young age if she could be granted eternal purity.
Artemis took her virginity very seriously and anyone who tried to take it away from her would be punished by death
In one legend a great and mighty hunter by the name of Orion, tried to rape the goddess, so as punishment she killed him with her bow and arrow.
Artemis never gave into the temptation, she exercised self-control and remind pure her entire life.
Team one
Team two
1st question
What was the Big Question?
A) How important is a goddess?
B)What is Artemis famous for?
C) Why is Artemis an important goddess in Greek history
D) What is a Goddess
2nd question
What was the name of the woman who helped Leto find the island?
3rd Question
4th question
5th Question
Pina Meleca

Artemis was on the fighting for Troy along side her brother Apollo and her Father Zeus
Hera was outraged and wanted to see Troy burn the ground.
Artemis stopped Hera in an amazing fight that lasted days
If Artemis did not stop Hera then, Hera would have destroyed Troy much sooner then fate intended
What was the name of the man who tried to rape Artemis?
What Trait Does Artemis Possess?
Why did Artemis fight for Troy?
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