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Word Nerd Character Mind Map

No description

Joseph Elliott

on 20 December 2012

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Transcript of Word Nerd Character Mind Map

Ambrose Word
Nerd Places ambrose has lived. Edmonton, Alberta Regina, Saskatchewan Kelowna, BC Vancouver, BC Personality Ambrose loves and respects his mom, until she embarrasses him or she makes him mad. He also tries to be friends with everyone he meets and is not a person who would try and harm anyone. He is also nice to anyone he meets and is highly allergic to peanuts which his bullies use to their advantage in the book. What he likes doing Ambrose loves to play scrabble with his mom and at the scrabble club him and Cosmo go to every week, but he gets really competitive and one time he hurt someones feelings by rubbing it in their face and calling them fat. Home life Ambrose is usually restricted to a lot he can do, but he sneaks out the house when his mom isn't home and goes to a scrabble club with his upstairs neighbor Cosmo, Which Ambrose's mom hates. He also has to hold his mom's hand when they cross the road. Ambrose is also homeschooled.
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