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The Doggy Food Mate

No description

Sailor Somerville

on 17 April 2016

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Transcript of The Doggy Food Mate

Design Research
Many dispensers have a v-shape funnel. Mine does not because it fits more food without the funnel. Mine also does not mount on a wall, it sits on the ground for easy access for the disabled.
My think my design will work. Once I pull the rope, it will catch on the pully allowing the plexi slide to move for food to come out. Once I release the rope the spring will move the plexi slide back into place.
The problem I am trying to solve is for people who are in wheelchairs, on crutches, or have back pain. I am creating a way for people with those disabilities feed their dog easier and more efficiently.
The Doggy Food Mate
Here is a link from my research...
I think my design will help all kinds of people. No matter what my design will help someone.

If I were to remake my dispenser I would change the v-shape trim from two sides to all four sides acting as a funnel. That will make all food come out so none is wasted.
Will Make Your Life Great
By, Sailor Somerville
The science behind my project:
Materials Science
Results & Conclusion
Overall my design will help many people. My data has shown that people really like it and it will be helpful. In conclusion I think my design can go far and help many people. Also with only having to change a few things, my hypothesis was correct.
To Build:
Make wood into horseshoe shape
Design Sketch
2" away from right side- put other wood
Put wood with hole on bottom- add trim
Create pully system and apply to design
To Test: (Part 1)
Put dog dish under hole
Pull rope and see if food comes out

(Part 2)
Have people sit in wheelchair, on crutches, or with back pain pull rope
Calculate data
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