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AKPsi Pledge Class

No description

Brandon Morgeson

on 28 January 2015

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Transcript of AKPsi Pledge Class

Alpha Kappa Psi
Upsilon Chi
Pledge Class

Officer Reports
President Brandon Morgeson
Committee Reports
Fundraising Hannah Lehmann & Chris Koons
VP of Admin Theresa Post
VP of Membership Sidney Fancil and Jeff Teeters
VP of Finance Donald Perry
VP of Alumni Relations Jessica Bradley
Secretary Mayra Ballines
Master of Rituals Haley Wisely
Parliamentarian Aeryk Kuna
Great job getting dues in
Committee Meeting Time
Return to seat when finished
Service Natalie Sachs
Professional Alyssa Villablanca
Bylaws Aeryk Kuna
Web Maddie Perkins
Alumni Jessica Bradely
Marketing Kortney Petry & Britteny Perry
Membership Jessica Chaffin
Fraternal Involvement Jordan Dimit
Old Business
New Business
Pledge Class
President Erica Stevens runs pledge class
Meet in committees and share reports

Comment Cup
Good job at Midcourts
Bowling was excellent
Formal April 13th
Wed, Mar 27 4-5:30pm : Interactive Professional Tools Workshop
Ed Resources Room #2 in the basement of Bracken
Sat April 20th 1:00pm
Tour of Thr3e Wise Men Brewery in Broad Ripple
Email your professional events in to Alyssa for credit if you haven't already.
E-boards at 8:00 on Wed
Calendar Dates
Spring Gala April 5th
CC Events To DOE (Whitney)
Pledge Class Wednesday at 8:30
Final Courts April 12th at 7:00
Initiation April 13th
Nominations for Homecoming Royalty
Discuss/Present Asana Software
Second Harvest this Fri (Mar 22) and Sat (Mar 23) at 3:00pm
Hertiage Center April 6th
March Madness
Alumni Dinner April 6th
Marketing Board
Information Slips for Mailboxes
Contacted Housing
Welcome to your first Pledge Class!

Calendar Events:
10/31 @ 9:30 p.m. Halloween party - Brother Penn's house: 808 W. Carson st.
11/6 @ 7 p.m. National Exam
11/14 @ 7:30 COH WB 144
11/15 @ 10 a.m. initiation TC 120 and Formal at 6 p.m. @ Dluxe
Next pledge class 11/16 @ 7:00, NATIONAL EXAM!!!, casual dress
B-Book time
Quiz 6
Questions about National Exam?
Study Session for National Exam?
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