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power and electricity

calculating power to determine the wattage that an electrical component would need to operate

anton dookoo

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of power and electricity

calculating electricity lets begin so today we look at what is power what is power power is the rate at
which work is done.It
calculated using the
following equation
P=IV which simple is
current * voltage The symbol for
power is P.The unit
of measurement is watts. calculate the power in
flowing through a bulb
if the voltage in a circuit is
12V and the current is flowing
is 3A 1.What I want to find..
2.What do i have...
V=12V & I=3A
3.What do we have
4.Let's solve
P= 12*3
P= 36W so lets rememeber
V=IR and P=IV
So figure this one out!
what is the wattage needed
for a bulb to work in a circuit
where the resistance is 15 ohms and
the current flowing through is 2 amps Pair up with some one and discuss the need for understanding power in everyday life 1.what do you what to find
2.what do you have
I=2amps and R=15ohms
3.what do you know
4.lets solve
P=IV but i dont have V
so before i find P i have to find V
V= 2 * 15
V= 30
P= 2*30
P=60 watts
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