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Empowerment City

Welcome! Thank you for taking the time to view GTWT's creative submission. Please use the button on the bottom right of the prezi to put it in full screen mode, then use the arrow that points to the right to guide yourself through Empowerment City!

Maggie Egan

on 7 June 2013

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Transcript of Empowerment City

Returning to GTWT as Adults and Giving Back Mentorship College! Becoming an Active Participant in GTWT “GTWT has allowed me to grow as a person by providing a space for me to be myself. The biggest impact that GTWT has on me is giving me the confidence to choose a challenging field of study where I am one of the few females in the entire program.” -Aurora Varela, 4th year Mechanical Engineering Student at CSUN. Empowerment “GTWT helped me not only understand the value of achieving higher education, but also that I have a responsibility to give back to my community. When I complete my degree in Engineering, I not only want to help design safer bridges and buildings, but I would also like to return to my community and educate other girls about the importance of having more minority students achieve higher education and study in the fields of math and science”. –Lizbeth Rojas: Rising Sophomore at
Loyola Marymount University Education At GTWT, the goal is not only to send inner-city girls off to college. GTWT designs their programs to ensure that their participants experience the most success possible in all areas of their college experience. The College Experience Movie nights, chat nights, yoga, and art projects attract new participants and create a safe and supportive space to learn, bond with like-minded girls, and have fun Activites Girls learn the value of giving back through decorating the nearby senior center, cleaning up the LA river, helping give out holiday gifts at a homeless shelter and more!! Community Service Active GTWT participants, who are in high school, are paired with a one-on-one mentor Adult Mentors Make a Big Difference! City Resources Part of GTWT's vision is to see their participants come back to the organization, as the professional women they once looked up to, to mentor younger girls who are just beginning to awaken to their own potential. Full Circle Participants learning yoga in front of the GTWT House The girls learn about nutrition and how to grow organic vegetables in GTWT's edible garden. GTWT participants have the opportunity to visit many local colleges, attend workshops on scholarships and personal statements, and receive assistance with writing applications and navigating FAFSA. They learn about all sorts of career possibilities, including engineering, medicine, education and more from real women in the field. They benefit from the positive peer group GTWT offers. They are surrounded by girls who are overcoming challenges and making their dreams come true! Girls Today Women Tomorrow's Female youth in Boyle
Heights are not meeting their educational potential Participants come from low income households;
it is common
for teens to drop out of school to work to
support their families Youth in Boyle Heights have few educational role models and do not see people from their community involved in higher education Without GTWT Gangs in Boyle Heights dominate the youth culture and many youth are drawn into gang affiliation and activities Under-performing schools in the community set low standards and fail to challenge students to meet their full potential Teen pregnancy is prevalent in Boyle Heights and finishing school is extremely difficult for young moms GTWT participants attending the 22nd Annual Latina History Day Conference Participants attending City of Los Angeles Commission on the Status of Women Participants teach
each other Aztec dancing
at GTWT's Dia de los
Muertos Celebration Becoming a Leader Mentors are trained to observe and identify the strengths of their mentee and encourage them to build on those strengths. Receiving one-on-one attention and encouragement from a caring adult opens participants to their potential to lead and influence others. Mentors model leadership skills for their mentee and offer them instruction to learn those skills themselves "Growing up, I was expected to fail. No one believed I could finish high school and go on to college, however, I found my strength and overcame the low expectations around me. GTWT asked for more from me.They taught me that I am a leader. ” –Adriana Cruz: Sophomore, East Los Angeles College Rising Freshman Sara Aceves took the initiative to organize an art show about Boyle Heights to raise money for GTWT. She brought in over $1,500! Becoming College Bound Mentors take their mentees to visit different colleges and encourage them to consider schools that may be outside of their comfort zone. Mentors assist their mentees in completing their FAFSA and finding scholarships. They help their mentee understand financial aid and college loans. Searching for New Experiences Mentors edit their mentees' personal statements, college applications and scholarship applications. An important contribution that mentors make to their mentees is access. This includes access to a professional network, educated adults, and new experiences. This broadens their horizons and gives insight into the wider world outside of their community.

Participants often experience a kind of culture shock when they go away to college. By exposing mentees to a variety of new experiences the Mentorship Program prepares them for college life away from Boyle Heights. Melissa tried sushi for the first time with her mentor and they ran a 5k together! Mentees and mentors are ready for yoga class! New experiences bond them together. “GTWT introduced me to professional women and mentors that I never would have been exposed to otherwise. My role model is my mentor Cecilia. She has taught me to never give up, even though life gets hard. She is a smart, hardworking, independent woman and I would love to be like her.” –Ana Cortes, CSU Los Angeles, Sophomore, Criminal Justice “To me, GTWT is a second home, a sisterhood, and a positive environment where we find support and can always ask for help. The program has given me self-confidence and taught me to embrace my leadership skills. It has introduced me to a whole new environment that is safe and accepting.” – Stephanie Castro GTWT's programs aim to instill the relational skills and confidence necessary to build lasting friendships and a strong network of adults, such as professors and University staff. They also develop in girls the self esteem and self determination needed to demand the most of themselves; and the courage to leave their "comfort zone," explore the unknown and chase their dreams. GTWT is proud of all of their hard-working college students! Here are a few examples: Most GTWT participants come back to visit after starting college. This allows younger girls to see people just like them succeeding in college. The college students are encouraged to share their experiences and give advice. GTWT is proud to have alumni who have come back and served as volunteers, mentors, staff and board members. Yobana Cordero Vanessa Lozano Dahiana Jacobo Cecilia Delgadillo Kellie Vaca Kellie is a rising Sophomore at
Mount Saint Mary's College
Where she is studying Child Development Plans to become a Hospital Teacher for children with long term illnesses
Works nights and weekends to support her family
Elected Sophomore Senator of Student Government Elizabeth Vazquez Liz is in her second year of a Doctorate Program at UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Biology from the University of Wisconsin Madison. Stephany Orduna Perlita Varela Stephanie Cuevas Jhoana Ascencion Elizabeth Fagoaga Jhoana is a rising Junior at UCLA where she studies Biology on a Pre-Med Track Plans to become a Pediatrician
Is a Youth Organizer at Innercity Struggle during the summers
Works in the UCLA hospital pharmacy
Earned a Scholarship from IDEAS UCLA
Organizes for immigrant youth rights on campus and in the community Stephanie is a rising Junior at the University of California, Riverside where she is earning a degree in Film and Theater Studies Works as a math tutor for local Middle School students
Member of Alpha Pi Sigma Sorority
Writes for the University's online magazine
Dreams of working in the television industry and improving the media's portrayal of women Plans to become a Veterinarian and dreams of working with exotic animals
Is one of seven children and is the first in her family to earn a college degree
Received a full-tuition scholarship from the Posse Foundation Stephany is a rising Junior at Mount St. Mary's College where she studies Biology/Pre-Med Perlita is a rising Junior at California State University, Northridge where she studies
Political Science A Note to GTWT from Aurora Varela Plans to become a Pediatrician
Volunteers in her community
First generation college student Plans to earn her Masters Degree and go into Politics
Dreams of being an elected official and representing and improving her community
First Generation college student
Elected to Student Government Rising Senior at California State University, Los Angeles where she studies Biology/Pre-Med Plans to become a Doctor
Encourages youth towards careers in Science through the SPARK! Program
Works in Clinical Care at a hospital
Volunteers with Chicanos/Latinos for Community Medicine
Is a member of the Alpha Theta Pi Sorority Yobana graduated from the University of California, San Diego and served on the GTWT Board of Directors for 5 years Vanessa graduated from USC and joined the GTWT Staff as a Case Manager Dahiana will graduate from UCLA this summer and is volunteering as a 1-1 Mentor Ceci graduated from both UC Berkeley and Hult International Business School in London, she currently serves on the GTWT Board of Directors Enrollment GTWT practices open admission, accepting new girls on an ongoing basis. School counselors, therapists, and parents are the main source of referrals. GTWT staff work directly with local schools to recruit participants as well. Many girls join the program through word of mouth. Welcome to Thank you for visiting Empowerment City!
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