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FReak The Geek

No description

Anisa Syed

on 19 November 2014

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Transcript of FReak The Geek

"Freak The Geek," is a fiction short story told in the perspective of Lauren, a high-schooler attending an all girls school and someone who hates traditions. Lauren and her B.A.O.F. (best and only friend) Kayley undergo more than the physical chase to dodge paintballs.
From that point, Lauren and Kayley begin their chase through the woods.
Once the girls reach the bridge where the regularly lunch, long term emotions begin to unravel.
Freak The Geek

BY: John Green
Presented by Anisa Syed
Lauren is conflicted when she gets anonymously whispered to, "Freak the geek." Lauren and Kayley then know what is bound to happen next...
Freaking the Geek is a term used when the upperclassmen are about to play a prank on a Geek. These pranks can vary from getting your car egged to getting dragged by your feet into the river.
The girls could only imagine what lied ahead, though their questions got answered when the girls encountered a heard of "cool" girls surrounding Lauren's car with not just normal guns, paintball guns.
An indifference about whether orks and trolls are people sparked Kayley's slight need to be popular, to not be outcasted by her peers.
Kayley soon discovers through Lauren that popularity pales in comparison to the friendship Lauren and her have acquired over the years, and she wouldn't risk that friendship for the world.
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