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johnson tran

on 8 November 2013

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Transcript of Naruto

What is Naruto?

Early life
Naruto's powers/ Jutsu
In part 1 of the Naruto series Naruto had not known many jutsu and had a lack of taijutsu. During the chunin exam and having had Orochimaru kill the third hokage, Jiraiya and Naruto set out to find the Fifth Hokage. During that time Jiraiya teaches Naruto the Rasengan created by the Fourth Hokage, Narutos father. In part 2 Naruto grows more advanced in jutsus and well as different ways to use the rasengan. Naruto soon learns how to use senjutsu (using natural energy) and soon for the great ninja war Naruto learns how to control the nine tails.
Naruto is a ongoing Japaneses manga series created by Masahi Kishimoto in 1999. The plot tells the story of a adolescent ninja Uzumaki, Naruto whos dream is to be Hokage of the village hidden in the leaves, Konohagakure.
Twelve year before the show Narutos parents had died trying to protect him from the Kyuubi that was attacking the village. Being so the Fourth hokage had sealed half of the Kyuubi into his son before he died. That being Naruto only had a godfather that soon died too leaving Naruto with no family members. Althought with all the friends he has made act as his family members.
(Naruto Uzumaki, October 24, 2013)
(Naruto uzumaki [ wiki] {Naruto wiki} october 24, 2013)
Part 1: Early in his life his mother and father had died leaving him parent less. Most of the villagers had ignore him because of the demon fox inside of him. Because he had no one to love him or notice him he pulled pranks just to be notice even a little bit. At this time he was also enrolled in the ninja academy where he met his rival and also friend Sasuke Uchiha. (he also kissed him) Soon after graduating the ninja academy he was put on team Kakashi , Kakashi Hatake as the captain and Sasuke and Sakura as his teammates. With this Naruto and his team goes on many missions even when retrieving Sasuke from evil.(failed)
Naruto background October 24,2013

When he was younger Naruto had not been that skilled but rather more determined. Naruto was only able to train with Kakashi once when he was younger. Later on in the series when training for the chunin exam he had wanted to train with Kakashi only to be given a different teacher and to find out Kakashi was going to train Sasuke. Shortly after beginning his train his teacher fainted and Naruto met his new teacher Jiriya not knowing this was his godfather. Jiriya had tought Naruto the Rasengan and later took him on a two year training trip.
( Background) October 24,2013
Rival / best friend
Ever since they were little Naruto had always been jealous of Sasuke Uchiha. Naruto hated how he got all the attention and acted "cool" and all the girls love him. When they were 13 and naruto was getting stronger, that jealous Sasuke which made hime want to fight him and he craved for power. This brought to years of Naruto feeling as those its his fault that his best friend left and spent years trying to save his friends from being evil.
Jutsu, October 29, 2013
Sasuke Retrieval Arc, October 29, 2013
Part 2
In the beginning Naruto comes back from training with his godfather. But as he returns he is set out on a mission to save the one tail jinchuriki Gara of the sand. Where its soon lands in the Hidan and Kakuzu Arc where Naruto learns one of his strongest moves RasenShuriken. Later on, an one of the leaders of the Akatsuki Pain. Naruto had just arrive as Pain destroyed the village. Luckily having just learned how to use senjutsu (using natural energy) Naruto defeated Pain. Not giving the Akastsuki the nine tails lead into the Fourth Great ninja war. Naruto had knew he needed the nine tails chakra for the up comming battles, not knowing about the next ninja war. But when Naruto was able to take the nine tails chakra but he had also sense his friends dying. soon finding out there was a war going on he and the eight tails jinchuriki Killer Bee set out to kill Obito and Madara Uchiha.
Part two arc. November 1, 2013
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