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Illigal Fishing

This is a project on illgal fishing practises and how they should be regulated

Bob The Builder

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of Illigal Fishing

Illegal and Over Fishing It is a serious Problem that
Needs to Stop Sharks Bluefin Tuna Whales Illegal and Over Fishing is a Major Problem that is Affecting our World
and Will Continue to Do So
if it isn't stopped Acknowledgments www.seashepherd.com www.faqs.org www.squidoocdn.com www.smokysweet.com WWW.sharkwater.com -Longlining is the main way
shark finners catch sharks -Did you know one pound
of shark fin is
worth $300 or more -Tuna stocks are
depleating due
to severe over
fishing -Illegal Bluefin fin
fishing manley occurs
in the Mediterranean,
Australia, and Japan -Shark fin soup originated in
Asia -Shark fins are used for
shark fin soup Planet Green Shark Finning 101 Video -Shark finning is
cutting off of a shark's fin
then throwing the shark
back into the ocean to die -Shark finning happens
around the world illegally -Bluefin are used to
make sushi, sashimi and steaks -Bluefin are caught using many
techniques including longlining -Many whales are killed
in the southern ocean
whale sanctuary which
is illegal -Japanese "research"
fleets commercially
kill whales in the
sanctuary -In Norway almost 800
mink whales are killed
each year -Whales are hunted for
there meat and oil -Whales are hunted
with a variety of techniques
including an exploding harpoon By: Owen Payne
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