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Allstars 2014-2015

on 7 January 2015

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Transcript of Pugs

A pug puppy under 3 months can be freefed or can be fed however much you want.A pug puppy over 3 months is to be fed 1 once for each pound they weigh.
Pugs have short faces and curled tails.They also have square body's and their coat is glossy and is mostly fawn or black.
A pugs have strong and well developed muceles geat for walking with so if you have one take it on a lot of walks!
Lives In
Pugs are living everywhere.They live with celebreties,your house,and once even with royalty.
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Pugs are awesome
Queen Victoria of the United Kindom had a love for pugs so much that she intered her dog in the 2004 dog show and it was crowed the best dog in show.

Do They Got The Smarts
Pugs are very smart.The will do anything for anything,including food
Adult Feeding
A adult should eat about half a ounce of food for each pound they weigh.
Puppy Feeding
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