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To Do

Testing Out Prezi

Krista Vreeland

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of To Do

To Do - April Ceramics Accounting Hindu Goddesses Today Cups 2 Tea Pot Style Cups Buddha Head Get Started on Final Project Cylinders Throw Cylinders on the Wheel Trim all Cylinders & Bowls Finish Sculpture Asap!!! Calculate Ratios Return on Equity
Asset Turnover Return on Assets Group Meeting @ 12 o'clock @ KoBC Start working on Research Paper Read Article 2 Times Keep up with Reading ...That is due Thursday
Tennis YAY! Anna Marias! Yum... Speaker Boooo Start on Homework Lots of options! You can start on... Work on Homework Manager Chapter 10 Due Sunday Chapter 11 Due May 4th What the...
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