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Input and output devices for disabled people!!!

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Simran Devi

on 24 November 2014

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Transcript of Input and output devices for disabled people!!!

This informational Prezi will show some of the hardware and software tht are available for those liviing with disabilities
Eye Typer
This can be used by people who cannot use a hand or foot operated mouse and a conventional keyboard.
A camera is mounted onto the computer and it is set to focus on the user's eye.
The camera determines where the user is looking and monitors movements made by the eye.
Mouse clicks are done with a slow eye blink.

Speakers are used for visually impaired people. They can be used to speak the works that are on the display. There are many different text to speech programs available to be used
A microphone is used by people who are challenged by a keyboard and so it is easier for them to say what they want to type instead. There is software available to allow this to work.
Foot Mouse
A foot mouse can be used by a person who has limited or no use in their upper arms.
The foot mouse can be used to navigate through software programs and select things in much the same way as a conventional mouse.
Most foot mice consist of two segments. One segement will be used to control the cursor, the second segment is used to click the mouse or to select shortcuts.
Most foot mice include straps that help to hold the device in place on the foot during use. A long cable runs from the mouse and plugs into the computer via a USB port.
Braille Keyboard
A Braille keyboard is a specialist input device that allows the user to type and enter text or instructions for the computer in Braille.

Hardware and software available for disabled people
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