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Nina Boban

on 22 November 2013

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Transcript of Infidelity

Theory of propinquity and infidelity states that:
nearness to other individuals can lead to cheating
more than half of people who are unfaithful cheat on their spouse with someone they meet at work (Shirley Glass)
infidelity is an act of selfishness because affairs are "narcissistically gratifying"
What is infidelity?
extramarital sexual relationships
also known as cheating
Canada defines infidelity as an unacceptable behaviour
does not work to the benefit of society
inherent in the nature of humans to be unfaithful
85% of subjects thought that having an affair was "morally unacceptable"(2009)
89% "unacceptable" 72% "very unacceptable" (1998)
12% of men said that they had extramarital affairs
6% of women said that they had extramarital affairs
75% men and women said extramarital sex is wrong under any circumstances (1983)
Unmet Needs
Alternate theories explain:
individuals have affairs when their needs are not met within their marriage
needs are more than just sex, and include the need to feel young and attractive
the passion and excitement of a new relationship/marriage wears off
cheating occurs not because of sexual attraction, but because of the initial excitement of a secret relationship
Infidelity results in divorce 65% of the time
destroys relationships due to loss of trust
can influence future relationships
if relationship was not terminated, couples will recover but have a harder time coping with future complications in relationship
How could a couple deal with infidelity?
What are ways to avoid infidelity?
Theories of Infidelity
theory of evolutionary psychology
women tend to be very selective of their sexual partners
men are looking to increase their chance of offspring
men are more likely to have extra marital affairs
monogamy is said to be the hardest of all human marital arrangements (Margaret Mead)

What do you think are the leading causes of infidelity?
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