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Julius Caesar

No description

Emily Perez

on 9 November 2015

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Transcript of Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar and what led to his


By: Emily Perez and Cristian Ortiz

Thesis on Julius Caesar
Roman general and statesman Julius Caesar turned the Roman Republic into the powerful Roman Empire. Julius Caesar suggested new laws, most of them were approved by the Senate. When Julius Caesar said he had something to say, the people would always listen to his ideas. His ideas were good ones. The people trusted Julius Caesar, he also told the people that he could solve Rome's problems. We thought this was important and thought these were important things about Julius Caesar because this shows us that the Roman people trusted him and agreed with whatever Julius had to say or what he had to do because they believed he knew what was best for them.
Julius Caesar early years.
100 BC Julius Caesar is born(Around 100 BC):
Julius Caesar was born into a political family. His uncle was a famous general name Marius.
84 BC Julius Caesar gets married:
Julius married the daughter of L. Cornelius Cinna.(He was a supporter of Marius). His bride's name was Cornelia.
75 BC Caesar is captured by pirates:
Julius Caesar's life was in danger when he was captured by pirates at the age of 25.
69 BC Cornelia dies:
Julius Caesar's wife, Cornelia, died. He quickly remarried.
73 BC Julius Caesar is elected Pontifex:
Julius Caesar was well liked, and he quickly rose in leadership. (Pontifex is a member of a council of priests in ancient Rome).
63 BC Caesar is elected Pontifex Maximus:
Caesar continued to rise in the political world.
60 BC Julius elected to the Consul:
At the age of 40, Julius Caesar was elected to the Consul. He worked closely with Pompey the Great and Crassus, two of Rome's leading figures.
58 BC Caesar invades other lands:
Caesar took over Germany and Helvetti when they threatened Gaul, or France.
55 BC Caesar's reign continues:
Caesar invaded Britain after crossing the Rhine. This helped him protect his ally, France, as well as expand his leadership.
53 BC Crassus' death:
When Crassus died, Julius Caesar and Pompey the Great began to differ.
How Julius Caesar became who he was known to be.
Leading into his assassination.
49 BC A Roman Civil War begins:
Julius Caesar and Pompey the Great went to war against each other.
48 BC Julius Caesar is victorious:
After a year-long battle, Julius Caesar emerged the victor from the Civil War against Pompey. Pompey died in the end.
47 BC Julius Caesar continues the fight:
Julius' next battle was with Cleopatra in Egypt, and other battles quickly followed in 46 BC and 45 BC
45 BC Julius Caesar named dictator:
Julius Caesar named himself Rome's dictator for life.
44 BC Julius Caesar's death:
Julius Caesar was assassinated by political rivals on the steps of the senate in Rome. Julius Caesar was known for his brilliant political and war tactics. He is remembered for being brave and bold.
Summary on Julius Caesar's early years to his death.
Julius Caesar was always into politics, because he was born into a political family. People liked him because they felt like he meant what he said and he will do what he thinks is best for the Roman society. Julius would grow and become more known for on what he was doing on making the Roman Empire better, stronger, and more known for. Many senators thought he was getting too powerful so they assassinated Julius Caesar. He was stabbed 17 times while he was standing and 14 times when he was on the ground.
How the assassination affected the people.
His death was very tragic to people because of his excellent leadership and planning. Caesar was very smart when it came up to war cause he didn't send his entire army at once he sent a minum amount of soilders at a time. Also it was tragic cause of the power and leadership Rome lost.
Who did Rome put in Julius Ceasurs spot?
They believed that Augustus (Caesars adopted son) replaced him after Julius Caesar was assassinated. They put Augustus in Julius place because they felt like since Augustus was somewhat related to Julius he would be like Julius.. Augustus ruled the Roman Emire for many years after that.
Who took the army over?
In the aftermath of the assassination, Anothy attemted to carry out Caesars legacy. Anothy took the armies east with Caesars old paramour cleopatra. Octavian (Augustus) and Antony for many years untill Octavian prevailed.
Facts on Augustus
Julius died when Augutus was four. But he suffered from bad teeth. When he was young he was cruel, then came mild later. Had a good sense of humar. He used the following strengthen over the western provinces. During Augutus final years he withdrew more and more from public life. He left Rome for the last time in AD 14. He was ill on the way to Capri and passed away. Augutus died at the age 75.

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