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Intercultural Office at Messiah College

General overview of the new Intercultural Office at Messiah College.

Faith Minnich

on 20 August 2013

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Transcript of Intercultural Office at Messiah College

The goal of the Friendship Family Program is to provide mutually beneficial friendships between Messiah College’s international, missionary, and transcultural students, and families or individuals from the Messiah and surrounding Christian community.
Friendship Families
Serves as a special support system for international students at Messiah College who are here on an F-1 Student Visa.
F-1 Visa Advising
International Student Programs
The purpose of International Student Programs at Messiah College is to understand and meet the unique needs of international, missionary, and transcultural students by providing services, programs, and guidance leading to personal success and meaningful engagement with the broader campus community.

Kevin Villegas, Director
To embrace the diversity of the body of Christ by creating and providing safe, transformative learning environments and opportunities for students to engage the world as reconcilers and servant leaders at home and abroad.
J-Term and May-Term 3-week, 3-credit,
faculty led courses
Partnering with on-campus groups to ensure safe international travel opportunities (i.e., Agape Center service teams, Collaboratory site teams, Sports service teams, etc.)
International Travel
International Programs
The purpose of International Programs at Messiah College is to provide students with safe, transformative short-term off-campus learning opportunities that encourage them to deepen their understanding of and appreciation for the world
and their place in it.

Faith Minnich, Director
Dr. Erik Lindquist, Faculty Liaison
Cross-Cultural Courses
Education Abroad
The purpose of Education Abroad at Messiah College is to provide students with quality, transformative, semester-long, cultural learning experiences and to assist them in navigating the complexities of becoming global citizens.

Wendy Lippert, Assistant Director
The Amigo mentoring program provides a peer mentorship opportunity to First Year/ Transfer underrepresented students.
Amigo Mentoring
Every year 10 incoming students are part of a four year program that helps them develop a deeper understanding of reconciliation and includes a first year seminar class, staff and faculty mentors, and leadership development.
Martin Scholars
Multicultural Programs
The purpose of Multicultural Programs at Messiah College is to meet the unique needs of domestic underrepresented students to support them in achieving personal growth and success while providing educational programs, services and resources that promote safe, transformative, and diverse learning environments for all members of the college community.

Scott Hwang, Director
Kerrie Taylor, Program Assistant
Student Organizations
Student organizations whose missions are tied to the work of Multicultural Programs through their focus on racial, ethnic, and cultural celebration and reconciliation (i.e., African Student Union, ISA/Mu Kappa, etc.)
Semester-Long Programs
Over 40 approved off-campus programs
Ranked 15th in the nation for sending students abroad!

Intercultural Office at Messiah College
One College Avenue Suite 3050
Mechanicsburg PA 17055 USA

P: +717.796.1800 x2131
F: +717.691.2383


Contact Information

Gina Hale, Administrative Assistant for the Intercultural Office

Sheryl Ezbiansky, Administrative Assistant for Multicultural Programs
Support Staff
Shared Goals and Vision
Collective Strength and Synergy
Core Programming Remains Unchanged
Encouraging Intercultural Dialogue and Connectedness
Shared Focus on Intercultural Competencies
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