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Steel City Festival

No description

Lauren McCormick

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of Steel City Festival

Steel City Fest
Grab hold of your Harringtons and lace up those doc-ers and get ready for a weekend of "rude-boii ska" with "a rocksteady be-eat." Scrap all previous plans for the 20th and 21st December as now you have new arrangements. The Steel City Fest will be the most idyllic event for any two-tone appreciator. So what are you waiting for? Head to www.steelcityskafest.org.uk and book your tickets now!
The Steel City Fest boasts the most enthralling selection of acts that would leave the rudest of "rude-boiis" red with excitement. Featuring incredible artists such as Madness, The Specials, Bad Manners, The Beat, The Selecter and so many more - you'd be an "embarrassment" to miss it.
Our festival takes place in some extremely unique and intriguing locations that go by the names of:
The Devil's Arse Cave
The Blue Shed
Above the Fat Cat
My Promotional Material
Festival Timeline
Additional Entertainment
As well as our brilliant musicians we also have arranged many other magnificent activities to keep you, citizens of ska, happy. Including:
Pie and pea hors d'oeuvres
Local brewery beer tents
Caricature artists
Vintage Fair
Scooter rally
Drive-in cinema (showing classics such as This is England and Quadrophenia)
VW Camper Vans to transports attendees to the venues
Pop-up "Steel City" shop
Ska-themed hotel suite accommodation
Several outstanding arrangements have been put into place in order to promote the festival in the most successful and effective way possible such as:
Ska flash mobs
Steel dog-tag tickets
The "SteelSka Boii"
Limited edition trilby hats and Dr Martens
Vinyl records consisting of all the festival performances
Here at the Steel City centre we are very honored to declare our amazing array of sponsors that include:
Fred Perry
Dr. Martens
Sheffield Forgemasters
Henderson's Relish
Sheffield United FC
Sheffield Wednesday FC
Pukka Pies
Saturday 20th December
9:00 Rise and shine! You've
got a busy day ahead.
10:00 Fry-up finished? Good,
because now it's time to head
out and face the fantastic opportunities that lie before you.
11:00 Starting off the weekend's fantastic festivities are local ska band 'Jungle Lions.' They'll be performing, with special guests, at the MAGNA where early morning 'refreshments' will be provided, of course.
13:00 It's time to get in those Campers (VW Camper vans) and let our drivers escort you to our next destination - The Devil's Arse.
13:45 You'll receive a proper "rude-boy" welcome at our unique cave location with Pie and Pea hors d'oeuvres and another little tipple, as you must be getting thirsty with all this excitement.
14:00 "You better start to move your feet
To the rockinest, rock-steady beat
Of madness" Yes that's right guys, THE Madness will be performing here live, you'd be an "Embarassment" to miss it.
16:00 Grab your "Special Brew" as it's time for Bad Manners to hit the caves, yes rude-boys "This is ska!"
18:30 PUKKA PIES AND HENDOS FOR ALL! Courtesy of our lovely sponsors, eat up and enjoy!
19:30 Playing us out tonight is the one and only Specials! "A Message to You, Rudy" - it's gonna be a good 'un "Enjoy Yourself."
23:00 Now wasn't that a day and a half? Let our lovely VW camper-taxis take you back from the Arse and you get some rest because we've got it all again tomorrow!
Sunday 21st December
10:30 Good morning sunshine, hope your head isn't as sore as mine, as you'll want to remember the incredible day that lies before you.
1:30 Head over to the Blue Shed as we've got some very special guests waiting for you...It's only bloody, The Beat! No longer do you need to sing their lyrics at your "Mirror in the Bathroom" because "I Confess" they'll be ace.
4:00 It couldn't be Sunday without a good old roast, so fill up on those yorkie puds and don't forget the Hendos!
6:00 Let our "taxis" escort you to the Fat Cat in time for our Grand Finale.
7:00 Closing the show is never "Too Much Pressure" for our last amazing act. Yes, that's right, The Selecter will be carrying us to the end of an incredible two-tone knees-up celebratory weekend.
23:30 I think after all that excitement you'll sleep very well tonight - let's just hope your not on the mornings shift tomorrow!
Target Demographic
Meet Tony Smyth, a 57 year old "Rudeboy" from Woodhouse, Sheffield. Don't worry though, our Tony isn't an inappropriate and negatively perceived individual as the term "Rudeboy" may insinuate. It actually connotes that he has an interest in the best sub-culture in the world - Two tone. Okay, I'll admit that I am incredibly biased to a rock-steady beat myself, but from now on I will try to stay as impartial as I possibly can. Anyway... So Mr Smyth kindly agreed to take part in an interview as I attempt to explain to you the "imaginary entities" of my Steel City Festival.

Hello Tony, firstly would you mind describing to me what kind of music you like to listen to?
"RUUDEBOII SKA! I have countless amounts of records and cassettes from the 70s and 80s at home. Ranging from "The Prince" (The first ever Madness single) to "Ne ne na na na na nu nu" (A Bad Manner's classic) I just love the exotic and relaxed vibe that the Jamaican elements bring to the records and the ridiculous-yet incredibly clever lyrics never fail to make me chuckle."

Thank you, now may I ask you about your personal life?
"Gu'on then, as long as you make it quick - Madge has got me a Fray Bentos (pie) in the oven and I'm not letting it go to waste for nobody!"

Oh...okay, well can you explain to me your relationship status?
"Well that's simple enough me and our Madge have been married since October 1979 - actually it was the same Sunday that "Three Minute Hero" (by The Selecter) reached number eight in the charts. So that means 34 years now, wow, it only seems like yesterday..."

Aw how sweet? What about your job Tony - what do you do for a living?
"Well like practically every other Yorkshire-man I used to work down in t'pit before bloody Thatcher stuck her oar in and...anyway that's another story! Now I have a job round at the local mechanics. Fixing cars and all that jazz, a typical manual labour "man's" job - it pays the bills though so I can't complain."

Right then, so apart from your "man's" job how else do you spend your time?
"Regrettably, I guess I'll have to inform you that I am a Sheffield United season ticket holder...the less said about them right now, the better. I also attend me local WMC (Working Men's Club) every weekend for the bingo and quiz night with our Madge - where I am impartial to a pint...or two!"

What is the typical dress code that your sub-culture encourages you to follow?
"You can tell a man is a "Rudeboy" by his hat. If it's a trilby or pork-pie (both types of popular 70s hats) then he's probably one of mine. Loafers (shoes) Harringtons (jackets) Doc Martens (boots)black ties and Fred Perry's are all typical Two Tone attire.

Do "Rudeboys" have time for the cinema - if so what movies do you enjoy?
"On the rare occasion that I do watch the box (television) for a film it'll probably be a classic like "This is England" or "Quadrophenia."

And finally, which act are you most looking forward to seeing at the "Steel City Fest?"
"Wow, that's a tough one, the entire set-list is my idea of heaven! I guess if I had to choose it would probably be The Specials - I've seen them at gigs a few times now and "Too Much Too Young" is absolutely class (great) live."

Thank you ever so much for talking to me Tony - I sincerely hope that you have an incredible night.
"Cheers chuck...*mumbles* thank god that's over, I'm bloody starving."
My Logo
My Ticket Design
My Bus-stop Billboard
My Flyer
Successful Festival Logos
Successful Ticket Designs
Successful Flyers
Successful Bus-stop Billboards
This is the logo from the St. John's Hill Festival 2013. Held in an area not far from London for five years now the local talent celebratory event proved to be as successful as ever. I like the fun and exciting impact that this image evokes to the reader. The bright colours and retro patterns are likely to attract the attention of families, who I believe are the target demographics for this occasion. I also enjoy how the title of the festival itself is displayed in a way that resembles a road sign and since this is a community gathering, I feel that this is a very knowledgeable and appropriate technique.
Here we have the Download Dog which is utilised on practically every piece of promotional material for the Download Festival. I feel that this is the perfect mascot for the occasion for a number of reasons. Firstly the crazed expression on the dog's face infers that the event will be a "hell-raisers dream" and therefore it would attract its target audience of rock music fans. The sharp teeth could connote that the festival is aggressive, hard-hitting and enthralling, therefore again appealing to its desired customers. It is also a memorable and transferable character, both of which will aid its success.
Knockanstockan is an independent music and arts festival held annually in Co. Wicklow, Ireland. I love the layout of this logo as it so clearly represents the event. The way of which the name of the occasion is written as the leaves of a tree, I believe, is very innovative and diverse. I also appreciate how they have incorporated key festival instruments such as the guitars into the image as this infers that the event consists of genuinely talented musicians. The colour scheme is quite rural and nature-inspired, it should therefore attract its target demographics of bohemian, free-spirited individuals.
This is my original and very basic hand-drawn sketch for the Steel City Fest. Since the theme of my event is two-tone ska music I decided to incorporate the "ska-man" in my drawing as he is a memorable icon of this sub-culture that will attract my target audience (hopefully!) I chose to make him stir a steel making cauldron, as I thought this would represent the name and location of the festival in a successful manner. In the cauldron I put the genres of music that will appear at the "Steel City Fest" I believe this will again intrigue my desired attendees. As well as this I decided to leave the image in the colour scheme of just black and white, I did so as I believe that this would reflect the ska theme I am endeavoring to create (not just because I am too lazy to colour it in - I promise!) I wanted my target audience to relate with the logo so I chose to dress the man in typical two-tone attire, that includes a trilby hat, black tie and loafer shoes. I decided not to put the name of the festival on the logo as I believe that it becomes more intriguing. I tried to make the design simplistic so it could be easily transferable and memorable too.
For my tickets I wanted to break out of the tiresomely tedious and frankly quite useless, piece of card that is the stereotypical material for most music events. Instead I have decided to make mine a steel dog-tag. The paraphernalia of the accessory of course represents the name of the festival and I thought that the neck-wear would be a favourable and serviceable souvenir from the occasion. The front of the dog-tag has the title of the event with a two-tone inspired background, to suit the audience. On the reverse of the garment is a unique bar code that will scan the wearer into the "Steel City" festivities.
I love this unconventional advertisement for Pete McKee's 'Joy of Sheff' exhibition. Arranged in the form of a beer mat, the artist adds elements of practicality and humour to his flyers. However he does not lose the conventional aspects of a typical advert as he still manages to contain all the necessary information.
Successful Promotional Material
This is the draft design for the Steel City Festival flyer. I have chosen to make the front of the advertisement quite minimalistic as I feel that the intrigue this will create would prompt the reader to study deeper. The back of the advertisement has the layout of a typical calendar with the logo of the festival being inserted on the days that it will be taking place. The title of the calendar is written in a steel-like format, again to reflect the name of the festival. As well as this a bar code is a frequent feature on both sides of the flyer, this enables the audience to use their smartphones to learn out more about the event, if they wished to do so.
I love this advertisement that was done by McDonalds in 2009. It exhibited their free coffee promotion and during the course of the month the beans reduced in numbers - signifying the duration of the event was almost complete. The practicality, suitability and diversity of this billboard makes it so outstandingly prominent in my mind.
This is also a bus stop billboard that I find visually appealing. I like how Nike has utilised the entire amount of space that they had been given. It is comical, appropriate and broadcasts the brand in such a refreshing and unique manner.
In 2009 Glastonbury laid out their tickets in this retro and actually quite bohemian-resembling way. The pyramid stage, that is the main one of the Glastonbury set is evident on this and all of the requirements needed in a ticket are addressed.
This is the original draft-work of my bus-stop advertisement. It includes the logo (that I have tried to make prominent throughout all of my promotional material) as well as the acts, the sponsors and of course the name of the festival itself. As well as this I featured a QR Code for if the passer-by would like to be informed further as regards to the event.
This is a four-pint carry out keg that was an extremely popular piece of merchandise at this year's Galtres Festival. It is an incredibly appropriate piece of promotional equipment as the event itself has a strong focus on the intake of alcohol. As well as this it is also practical as then the user could spend more time watching the acts on stage rather than constantly having to go to the bar. The success of these is proven by the fact that they completely sold out.
Here we have a poster that was used to honor the Giant Spectacular event that has taken part annually in Liverpool ever since 1912. I love the vintage and kitsch layout of the poster, obviously reflecting its historical prominence. By including the image of the gigantic puppet-like girl above a well-known Liverpudlian landmark it reflects the location and theme of the spectacle.
Much alike many other music festivals, Leeds Fest sell their own range of wristbands. This is obviously convenient advertising as the target demographics of this event are very likely to wear the accessory, hence promoting Leeds Fest to further individuals.
I like the V Festival ticket design of 2011. It is very cartoon-like and eye-catching. The bright scheme of colour, simplicity and musical connotations all combine into making this a very visually appealing piece of work.
This is the flyer that advertised the United Colours of Music Festival that took place here in Sheffield earlier this year. I really love the vivid and bold colours that are featured in this piece of advertisement and I also respect it's inclusion of a grand amount of appropriate information regarding the event.
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