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Leonardo da Vinci's Self-Propelled Cart

No description

Alexander Smith

on 8 September 2015

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Transcript of Leonardo da Vinci's Self-Propelled Cart

His "car"
Da Vinci's self-propelled cart was capable of moving without being pushed by a living being.
The self-propelled cart was designed to be a robot.
How it was powered
The cart was powered with coiled springs. The car also featured steering and brake. The brake would work as it was released, letting the cart propel forward.
The Experts
Many experts noticed it looked very similar to the Mars Land Rover, than a car.
Leonardo da Vinci's Self-Propelled Cart
This is a drawing of Da Vinci's self-propelled car.

This is a model of his self-propelled cart.
This is another picture of the self-propelled car.
Da Vinci's self-propelled car being prepared to todays car, Da Vinci's car had to be driven by using a stick to tilt it. Today's cars are turned by steering wheels.
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