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Todd Davis

on 7 October 2010

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Transcript of Frame

Joseph CHAPTER 19 The Case of Enron America’s largest gas pipeline company when Kenneth Lay took over as CEO in 1985.
He looked for ways to grow the business and boost profits.
Profits rose from $2 billion in 1985 to $70 billion in 2001.
With success came excessive greed, lavish spending , and materialism.
These led to fraudulent means of profit-making and to the eventual imploding of the company. Soul and Spirit in Organizations The soul of an organization is that resolute sense of character, that deep confidence about what the organization stands for, what it cares about, and what it deeply believes in.
The Example of Merk-preserving and improving human life.
No regard for profit-the company has produced medication for river blindness and given it away. What shall an organization profit
if it should gain the world
but lose its soul? Why Should an Organization Care about its Soul? An organization with a soul has high employee morale.
With strong employee morale comes greater productivity
and profits.
An organization without a soul is prone to mismanagement,
corruption, greed, selfishness.
Such an organization ultimately collapses like Enron and the 50 financial institutions that have collapsed during the current recession. Dealing with
the Ethical
Void in
Organizations More emphasis on ethics in professional development training.
Organizations must come up with ethics statements.
Stronger legal and regulatory muscle such as the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the Sarbanes –Oxley Act of 2002.
Managers and their employees viewing their lives as a whole, and not separating the personal and the public or professional, or duty and pleasure. Excellence
Commitment and Autonomy at all levels
Satisfaction of creativity and craftsmanship
Higher levels of motivation The Family Compassion and concern
~Absent from modern
~Willingness to reach out
~Confronting vulnerability The Factory The Jungle Politically charged
Commitment to justice
~Enhance power of subordinate
~Common goal
~Difficult choice points Critical Thinking
Write a meaningful paragraph that explains Bolman and Deal’s four frames from the viewpoint of creating ethical communities and for reviving the moral responsibilities of leadership. The paragraph must include all of the words in the set below. The paragraph must contain at least two sentences. The paragraph must have a clear topic sentence with at least one other sentence providing details that support the topic. The paragraph must show that you understand the meaning of the words and how they relate to each other.

Words may be used in any order in the paragraph. Also, the form of a word may be changed, such as using the word faithful rather than the word faith.

Faith Bell Ringer
1) What are ethics?
2) How does ones “soul” relate to an organization?
3) What shall an organization profit if it should gain the world but lose its soul? Reframing Ethics and Spirit
Chapter 19

Group Activity

Prepare a 5 minute skit on your assigned frame from the viewpoint of creating ethical communities and for reviving the moral responsibilities of leadership. Your goal is to portray your assigned frame in such a way that your peers will be able to tell you, upon completion of your performance, what frame your group represented. Reframing Ethics
Frame Metaphor Organizational Ethic Leadership Contribution
Structural Factory Excellence Authorship
HR ExtendedFamily Caring Love
Political Jungle Justice Power
SymbolicTemple Faith Significance The Temple Being Faithful is more important then being Successful Doing something worth doing
Temples need - Spiritual Leaders
Ceremony and Ritual
Story and legends Organizations need an ethical and moral core
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