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our jobs in the classroom

what is your role? what is mine?

Derek Brockett

on 12 August 2013

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Transcript of our jobs in the classroom

How do you learn English?
go went gone
come came come
do did done
write wrote written
swim swam swum
be am is are was were
This poor student is totally confused and frustrated because he thinks he can learn English by
memorizing a lot of words. It is possible to memorize a lot of words BUT this is not the way to
AQUIRE the language so that it
is a useful tool.
This girl is happy and satisfied
because she understands her role in
the classroom. She is relaxed, attentive, and she participates in all of the activities to the best of her abilities. She is acquiring English.
But what's MY role?
I understand that Language is acquired
in the subconcious part of the brain. This is why CONSCIOUS studying does not do much for you. So, if you want to acquire English, you have to
expose your brain to authentic input.
So, MY JOB is to provide authentic, comprehensible input in a low anxiety environment.
Of course, if the mind
is full of anxiety and
chaos, this will not work!
you don't!
You Acquire it!
Let's take a look at how it all really works. . . .
comprehensible input
affective filter
acquired Language
learned knowledge

(adapted from Krashen, Greg, and Chomsky)
the vocabulary, grammar rules, &
structures you consciously study
The students subconsciously construct
meaning from input.The teachers can not
specifically predict what each student will
acquire from the input or how their language
will precisely develop.
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