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No description

Dave Copeland

on 3 July 2011

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Transcript of Resume

Dave Copeland Writer/Professor Writing/Journalism Teaching and Research Interests Personal Interests Blood & Volume: Inside New York's Israeli Mafia (Barricade Books, 2007) A “thrilling guts-and-glory look inside the Israeli organized crime machine of 1980s New York City…The wild ride Copeland unfurls has all the insane highs and lows an audience familiar with Blow and Wiseguy expects, and they don’t disappoint…a story so entertaining that, were it not rooted in such ably handled characters — at once despicable, pitiable and human — it might be unbelievable.”

- Publisher's Weekly Frequent contributor to the Boston Globe's business desk.
Freelance writer (2004-present) whose work has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Boston magaizne, Reason and other national publications.
Staff writer at the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (1999-2004), focusing on investigative stories, economic development, city and state politics and business.
National Copy Reader for the Dow Jones News Service (1999).
Community Reporter for MPG Newspapers, Plymouth, Mass. (1996-1998). “I found (Dave Copeland) to be hard working, creative, and talented. He was especially skilled at taking complex subjects and making them easy to understand. His forte was interviewing subjects, getting into ‘their heads,’ and returning to write a magazine quality, nonfiction story that read much like a novel, but was based on facts.” -Pete Earley, best-selling author of "The Hot House" and "Crazy" Investigative Reporting
Feature Writing
News & Politics
The Journalistic Essay
Editorial Analysis
Gangsters, Meltdowns & Greed: Social Deviance In U.S. Society
Introduction to Journalism
Introduction to Public Relations Copeland is an "intelligent, enthusiastic team player and a highly-dedicated colleague...Without any hesitation I recommend him for a teaching position. I am confident you will find him professional, friendly and personable." - Dr. Jabbar Al-Obaidi, Chairman
Department of Communications Studies
Bridgewater State University Online and Multimedia Journalism
Increasing media literacy and student involvement through the use of social networking.
Effective writing and communications on the Web and mobile devices.
Free expression and speech in the age of globalization.
Journalism in the age of Twitter.
The role of (and need for) long-form journalism in the Internet age. Research Interests: Selected Courses at Bridgewater State University: Invited Presentations: "Writing for the Web"
Blog World East

"The Craft of Writing (In The Age Of Twitter)"
Southeast Massacusetts Regional Writing Conference

“Using Social Networking To Increase Student Engagement”
Bridgewater State University
Center for Advancement of Research and Teaching
15th Annual May Celebration

“Scaffolding Semester-Long Writing Projects”
Bridgewater State University
Writing Across the Curriculum Program

•“Careers For English Majors”
Bridgewater State University
English Department Panel Discussion
10/6/2010 Education University of Massachusetts at Amherst B.A., Sociology, 1996 Goucher College, Baltimore, Md. M.F.A., Creative Nonfiction Writing, 2006 Cosmo
(my dog)



Travel For More Information Dave Copeland
Twitter: @bloodandvolume "I found the times where you used your own journalistic experiences to be not only the most interesting, but also the most helpful. From your stories it is clear that you come from a substantial career in journalism. Knowing that your professor isn't just reading things out of a book and spewing them back to you is reassuring...Your real life examples are more relatable than any book could be." - Kat Kelliher
BSU Communications Studies Major
Investigative Reporting, Spring 2011
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